Stockings, ripped shirts & observations ~ Real life erotica

Tied up with scarves and stockings

“Why don’t you sit down over there,” he says, distracting me from fiddling with my stockings.

He points to the sofa a few feet away from the table where we are sitting. I do as he tells me and he places a candle on the cabinet next to my seat, to light my face, sits down opposite and looks intently at me without saying a word.

Shifting position I cross my legs. I am wearing a fitted light blue shirt that acts like a very short dress. The tops of my black stockings are visible for him to see, and my rather ample cleavage protrudes from the neck of the shirt.

Looked similar to this

My eyes dart around the room as I feel a little apprehensive. I usually do when his deep brown eyes are roving over my face and body, but also adore the attention.

“Lay back.” It’s not a request…

The metal frame sofa is made comfortable by a collection of cushions.

I ease back into the pillows and he grabs some pre-prepared scarves and pair-less stockings and ties my wrists to the frame of the sofa.

Rips my shirt open

I watch him as he also ties my right ankle but leaves the left leg free.

He nods indicating he is pleased with his progress. The expression on his face is aloof as he swiftly grabs the front of my shirt and literally tears it open – one of the buttons flies into the air. He roughly twists the cups of my bra down, so they are under my breasts, thrusting the flesh forward and up. Fuck, if I wasn’t in the mood before, I certainly am now. My cunt contracts.

Immediately he bends forward and bites my left nipple before rewarding it with a caress from his tongue. I involuntarily let out a noise. He grabs some stockings and pulls one over my head so the thicker nylon is covering my eyes.

I cannot see.

Senses working over-time

This always slightly panics me but excites me too. Now all the other senses must come into play so I can understand the occasion.

My breathing quickens and I feel the velvety tendril of the whip strike my naked cunt; he shaved it earlier today and the skin feels tender and sensitive. This is swiftly followed by a lash across my breasts.

I am a little unnerved – scared that the tip of the whip may reach my face. It doesn’t and I let out a sigh of relief.

He strikes my cunt a few times with his hand, which hurts far more than the whip.

My breathing quickens. I wish I could see what’s going to happen next.

Suddenly I gulp as something is being thrust forward and back in my mouth. I know immediately it is not succulent enough to be his cock – it’s one of the double ended dildos. I know he loves to fantasise that I am sucking a cock while being fucked as well.


The stocking rides up and springs off my head. He immediately puts it back on but this time he pulls it too far down and I find I can see through the lower denier nylon. I am pleased – for some reason, I feel more in control if I can see – even though it is my choice to give over power to him. I also really enjoy being able to see the expressions on his face.

Now I observe him as he continues to thrust the dildo into my mouth – pushing it so far back my eyes begin to water. His eyes are focused with intent . Taking his belt off, he undoes the buttons on his flies and his cock pokes through. I find this so horny – not having his trousers completely down – his erect penis looks like a spear waiting to attack.

Grabbing the left side of my knickers he snatches them down, over my free leg.

Still, with the dildo in my mouth, he kneels between my legs and slowly pushes his cock into my cunt. Once it is all the way in he pumps hard and fast but then slows down for a bit, as he is still engrossed by me sucking the dildo as he fucks me.

“You fucking whore, taking it from both ends,” he snarls, and places his belt over my throat, pushing down slightly.

The Climax

I feel wet and almost ready to orgasm. Watching his face, when he thinks perhaps I can’t see, makes me feel like a voyeur and very sexy.

He withdraws and puts his head between my legs, gently licking my lips and clitoris. I can’t hold back, my hips thrust towards his face as I climax, loudly.

I don’t have any time to languish in post-coital bliss as immediately he puts a dildo at the entrance to my cunt and straddles me, lifting my head so my mouth engulfs his cock. It’s full and bulging and I so want to be able to use my hands to grasp and stroke – I can’t, but I can see him through the stocking mask. Looking up I open and close my eyes quickly. I don’t want him to catch me watching.

He now begins to handle his cock with his right hand and with his left swiftly lands a slap on the side of my arse cheek. My eyes begin to water again and I gasp as he thrusts his dick forward, almost choking me. Placing his hand on my forehead he pushes it down. The sheer dominance he is riding over me has me wet again; his knob is poised at the entrance of my mouth as he jerks the skin. I hear him groan and he shifts slightly, his face contorts, his mouth widens and he exhales. Now I can feel it. The first shot lands at the back of my throat. The next on my cheek, then my mouth, as he yanks the last drop from his organ.

Variety of places

Geography #285

The above date night was a planned occasion – in that we agreed upon an evening when kinky activity would occur, but the details were left to him –  and happened about a month ago.

For most of the year we travel all over the country together because of our work. It can really add extra spice to the sexual side of our relationship – being in different places. In fact we have a travelling sex bag to house all those necessary toys we like: whips, ropes, dildos, sexy clothes, blind folds etc.

I wrote this the morning after as I was on a long train journey. That’s why it is composed in the first person, present tense – I feel it also gives the article a sense of urgency.

27 thoughts on “Stockings, ripped shirts & observations ~ Real life erotica”

  1. mmm love that you felt like a voyeur watching him, but also the idea of only being able to use your other senses and not seeing anything is really hot! Great story 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. This sounds like *so* much fun – I love the element of surprise present throughout the story. Also really love being tied with things that just happen to be around rather than things that are pre-planned or intentionally made to tie people up – it makes the binding feel a bit more raw to me.

  3. You hit a few of my kinky buttons with this one…being blindfolded, playing with a dildo, even his hand spanking you made me clench. Very nice…and also, you’ve given me ideas. I can’t WAIT for John Brownstone to read this! 😉

    1. Great, i love to get ideas from posts and love it even more if others take something away from mine 😉 x

  4. I loved you peeking through the stocking, gaining a little bit of power back! Not able to cope with the oral bit, have a really strong gag reflex, but glad you enjoyed it.
    Indie xx

  5. The way you describe feeling like a voyeur when you are sneaking a peek at your partner during the scene… That’s an interesting observation.

    Watching what gets a lover off is incredibly hot. This particular variation on that theme sounds like it was a lot of fun for you.

    1. I know – I didn’t realise I was feeling like a voyeur until i was writing it up, but that’s exactly how it felt and i so love watching him getting off 😉

  6. Yes, that’s a very hot story. All the more hotter because it’s true. Great writing, I really felt I was in the room.
    And I’m so jealous, I fantasize about doing this to my wife but never do. Because when we’ve discussed it she says ‘hell no’. As you say, this was a scene you and your man planned. Until my wife decides to make her dirty stories a reality it will remain a fantasy.

    1. we did not plan it in detail – we planned we would have a night with this type of activity – I was to dress up etc – he to set the scene – that sort of thing

  7. one of the buttons flies into the air I love it! I love the first person and imagine you are whispering this story into my ear. The picture of him pulling down the cups of your bra is so arousing. I begin to read your story faster as I can’t wait to see what happens next. What a ‘Date Night’.

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