Submissive Saturday ~ Game, Set & Match

Submissive Saturday ~ Game, Set & Match

This year is certainly one of contrasts. I spent the lockdown in a rabbit hutch and am at present living in a palace.

Life throws all kinds of curve balls. I’m learning it is how we deal with them that matters. I’ve mentioned before that when in a rabbit hutch I do feel that is where I am going to stay. I fear optimism. Thinking it may let me down. This time it hasn’t. So, on to the the main film.

My man and I wanted to take advantage of the fabulous surroundings and decided to make a schedule including all the things we want to do while here. I had an idea that he liked. Submissive Saturday.

Submissive Saturday

It has to be said I find submission difficult. Not in the bedroom but in every day life. I have read a lot about it. Obviously. Some of my friends in the blogging world write very informatively on the subject. But could I do that? Let someone else dictate what I am going to do with my time. I decided to test it out. My man was up for it in more ways than one πŸ˜‰ .

Saturday came and we walked the dog. It was then he mentioned to me it was submissive Saturday. And would you believe I thought we had penciled it in for the following weekend? So I hummed and harred a bit until he reminded me I was meant to be submissive for the day. Then I sulked quietly for the next half hour.

No knickers

Back at the house my man told me I was to be dressed by midday in an outfit of his choosing. He had laid out the clothes on the bed. A short black skirt. Black bra. White shirt!

β€œYou forgot to put out knickers.” I said.

β€œNo I didn’t.” He smiled.

Yes, I could already see what kind of day this was going to be.

Once dressed he told me I could spend the next hour on my blog as I wouldn’t have much time to do that for the remainder of the day.

Without quite knowing why I began to feel excited. I also felt sexy. Partly because I didn’t have any panties on but more because I was letting go. The day was to be decided by him. And I felt lighter and content. I had already recognised that on the evenings we have date nights I find it very difficult to jump from being independent, out spoken me, into the submissive slut he requires. By allowing myself to be told what to wear and what to do I found I was in the right head space for sex. So when he said that at 1pm he wanted me sitting on a particular sofa with my cuffs on I felt my cunt tingle.

Cuffed and Ready

I made sure I was sitting on said sofa, cuffs on, just before one pm.

My man came and stood in front of me and putting my hands behind my back he secured them together. No touching for me. Then he undid my white blouse. Next to the sofa was a mirror. He told me to look in the mirror at our reflection.

submissive saturday May More Cleavage bra
I was wearing this bra

Suddenly his trousers were off and his cock bounced out in front of my face. He was just at the right height to start pressing his hardness against the soft flesh of my cleavage. Making sure my boobs were providing pressure on his cock, he moved his hips back and forth before he began to handle his dick. I love watching him do this and the mirror was perfectly positioned so I got a side on view. As he began to pull the skin back and jerk off I could feel myself getting hotter between my legs. Almost without warning his warm juice began to squirt all over my tits and bra. It was a horny scene to behold.

What a Racket

Would it be my turn for a climax now? Apparently not. He told me to clean up and meet him by the tennis court where we had a little bit of a photo session. And played tennis. The light was perfect for both.

Submissive Saturday
Submissive Saturday ~ Green – Still no knickers but lots of balls 4 monchromerotic

My next order was to make sangria and take it to the pool. Now this was turning into my kind of afternoon.

Making Sangria

Down at the Pool House

It was a little breezy so I opened the pool house and positioned our chairs in the doorway so we got the sun but were nicely sheltered from the wind. My man then went for a quick swim and came to sit down next to me on the sun-lounger, soaking wet, telling me to remove my shirt and bra. Then taking my hand he put it on his cock and requested I warm it up. I was quite surprised how quickly it sprung into action. Pointing up at the sky. Particularly as he had already come earlier and had been chilled by the swim. He told me to sit on his lap. His dick nestled between my pussy lips and his hands grabbed handfuls of my boobs.

Gagging for it

In a flash he was off the chair ordering me to lean over the tilled worktop. I didn’t need any encouragement. Having spent time early watching him handle his cock and then having his hardness slide along my slit, I was – what is commonly known as – gagging for it.

He gave my arse a couple of swift slaps and then grabbing some coconut lotion liberally covered my cunt and his cock. The room now had that beach smell about it and I felt as if I was on holiday. The tiles having had the sun shining on them all morning were surprisingly warm on my tits. Behind me, he lined his cock up and sank in to my extremely wanton hole. Then the fucking began in earnest. Hard, fast and deep. Somewhere along the line we moved on to the sofa and I sat on his cock happy to control the penetration. He stopped just when I was nearing orgasm. Apparently not my turn… yet. So, neither of us came but both lay back having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Finally – my turn

We headed back to the house to sort out dinner. I was to be his sous chef, we were having chicken chasseur. Happily I ran round doing what he asked. I was horny as hell and wanted to be near him. Dinner was marvelous. After we relaxed with some wine and I could not keep my hands off him. I felt desperate for an orgasm. He took me into the sitting room and we continued with some more fucking. Then he licked me to an extremely needed and very intense orgasm before bringing his cock up to my face and forcing me to suck another climax from him.

We both agreed Submissive Saturday had been a roaring success… Perhaps we will do it again.

laid bare
At Work
submissive saturday
Submissive Saturday on the tennis court

21 thoughts on “Submissive Saturday ~ Game, Set & Match

  1. I can’t believe I deleted this for you as asked but somehow missed reading it. So glad that I finally got here and was able to read about your super hot Saturday. I was feeling quite nervous when I started reading because I know we have spoken about submission and that you haven’t been sure it would work so I was so excited when your man’s dominance put you in the right headspace. I am the same about being given instructions at the start. I need him to push me past myself so that I want what he does and let go to enjoy that. I loved how this happened as your day progressed and you showed that the sexual charge ends up being an integral part in doing things for each other – eg when he asked to be his sous chef and you were glad to. I hope that you try this again some time and I really enjoyed reading about it. Missy x

  2. A beautiful day! Loved hearing all about it. Particularly liked the thought of you playing tennis on a short skirt with no panties!!😜😜😜😜 who won by the way? lol.

    1. Well we kind of just try and keep knocking the ball over the net as long as possible. But i am a better server than him and he is better at actual shots πŸ˜‰ It was a great day…

  3. This sure reads like a roaring success! It made me smile all the way through as I could identify with the feelings you felt by that control he took. I was wondering if it would work for you too when you set out the question at the start and it makes me excited that it did!

  4. Wonderful description of an awesomely wanton day! Like you I’m not good at switching from practical to sexy but being told what to wear or do would’ve worked wonders on my mindset too!
    I loved the variety of activities and how being denied climaxes increased your desire & the ease of submission – yep! You’d better make this a regular thing. (please)

  5. So glad you and your man ended up in a palace May and made such wonderful use of the facilities. Your submissive Saturday became as tasty and as fruity as your jug of Sangria. The gorgeous photos of your magnificent body and the glorious descriptions of your sexual shenanigans made for a very arousing read.. xx

  6. I love this, May, and definitely think you should have at least one Submissive Saturday a month, and share it with us of course πŸ˜‰
    Love your images!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thanks PS – was a very hot and productive day πŸ˜‰
      I have actually linked to the mono meme with the wrong image – if gem deletes it i can link again with correct photo…

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