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Sunshine and Frolics for May

I suppose as I was growing up I thought intercourse was SEX.  But as life progressed I realised that I actually wanted sex, but not always intercourse. It depended on the person I was getting down and dirty with, and what I hoped to gain or get sexually from them. I found more and more that sex – to me – was sexual activity that I enjoyed, that he enjoyed, but not necessarily including intercourse.

About 18 months ago Rob wrote to me describing how still being a virgin at 41 had affected him. I published his emails but also wrote an article in reply. It really made me think and look over my sexual history and consequently I advised him to just enjoy it all, and not be hung up on whether or not the intercourse bit worked.

The following account happened last summer and is very typical of my sex life outside of any bondage aspects. Sexual intercourse is probably only 20% of me and my man’s sexual engagement. I truly believe sex is simply intimate physical activity that you both get off on – whether or not that entails intercourse depends on circumstance.

Summertime frolics

I think practically the whole of the UK were bathed in hot sunshine last June. My man and I knew there was nothing for it but to take full advantage of the warmth and go down to a very remote place we know, by the riverside, and get naked…

We took his camera, a picnic and a bottle of very chilled rose wine. What more did we need? Finding a lovely spot near a lake – fed by the river – we sat down to watch the damsel flies skim the lilly pads. It was idyllic. Far too hot to sit with even shorts and a T-shirt, so very soon I was sipping wine in just my bra and panties. My man naked beside me – he never needs much encouragement to abandon his clothes in warm weather. I think he loves to feel the sun warming the smooth skin on his cock.

The picnic was wonderful. There is nothing quite like Alfresco dining particularly in a lush rural setting. We don’t drink wine during the day very often so soon we were very relaxed. Giggling about this and that.

Urged on, I shed my bra and my breasts spilled out – naked in the open air – to enjoy the sunshine as I lay back on the bank. It was clear nobody was around as we could see way beyond the other side of the lake.

We took this photo and several others after the picnic and fun!

Outside – Naked – In the Sunshine

I felt the familiar sensation of my man kissing my nipples and sat up slightly. I leisurely put my hand on his cock. It didn’t need any rousing – it was already up for fun. Without further ado he pushed my head down and manoeuvred his cock into my mouth. He held my head there for a few seconds thrusting up and down, using my mouth without consideration, for his enjoyment.

Hotting Up in the Sunshine

As I pulled back for air he pushed me on to the grass and straddled me in a 69 position. Wriggling his cook and balls over my face he yanked down by knickers, opened my legs and began to slap my cunt. The feeling shocked and thrilled, making me cry out in delight. My clit tingled as my mouth socked in his cock, my lips massaging his knob.

I became distracted as I felt his tongue flick between my slit and caress the whole area tenderly. At the same time, one of his fingers found its way inside me and began stroking the sensitive skin. The sensations literally took me over. The sun was beating down and my man had his face buried in my pussy, his balls hovering above my face. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and had a glorious orgasm. Fortified for being outside in the open air.

I didn’t have any time to savour the climax as he turned round so his knees were now either side of my shoulders, and began to swiftly jerk his cock. At the same time my tongue soothed the tip and one of my hands reached under and gently squeezed his balls.

You’re a good slut”, he murmured.

I could tell he was close to cumming. I teased the top of his thigh with my finger tips and he exploded over my face. He continued to softly groan and shaft his cock until the final drop was out. Then he smiled and said,

Yes, that’s the kind of thing I was thinking of.”

Masturbation Monday #180


This sinful Sunday shot was also taken on this day

13 thoughts on “Sunshine and Frolics for May”

  1. This post made me laugh and think, which is fantastic. I think there are often times a fair bit of land between our fantasy life visions, and our realities, but it sounds like you both have found a way to incorporate one into the other.

  2. It took Kayla a little bit to understand that I don’t need to orgasm fro us to share some intimate times together. Savor the moment for what it is and it seems you did just that.

  3. For me, and it’s all personal and subjective of course, sex is about the orgasm. I don’t quite care how either of us gets off as long as I do. I don’t need an orgasm every time, but that’s how I “define” sex. Either way, even though I don’t love being outside, I could be talked into this kind of sunshine frolicking. 🙂

  4. I always struggle with this definition…. Michael’s is based around orgasms, so if someone has had an orgasm that was sex but for me that does not sit right, I have definitely had an orgasm with a partner but still not felt like I have had sex because basically it lacked that something…. connection, intensity, something…. I do know that sex does not have to involve PIV though.


  5. The best sex is getting to the intercourse, and it’s only one of the courses. Love your story.

  6. I think everyone has their own definition{s} of what “sex” is. It’s a matter of semantics for some; for others, it’s a clearly defined set of boundary lines.

    Defining what sex is, and what it means to an individual person or to the people who are sharing an experience, is useful but it is also largely a matter of context and is often dependent on the relationship within which the activity is taking place. I rarely engage in PIV sex with my husband, but we do other things that – to me – are “having sex.” Engaging in those ‘other’ activities with someone else does not, for the most part, equate to “sex” for me.

    I wrote a series of “audience participation” type question/discussion posts around this topic a few years ago, and it was fascinating to see how differently people define things. It’s rather like the somewhat ’round’ definition of the word ‘ball’. One person will think of a baseball, another will assume bowling ball, and yet another with think of “being on the ball” in a ‘with it’ sense or “going to a ball,” Cinderella-style.

    Often, we mean what WE mean, but we may be the only one who knows what mean.

    If you know what I mean…

    1. yeah i get what you are saying and would like to read your discussion post. Also, I feel that non PIV sex with ” not a husband” would maybe feel in one’s mind like you are not having sex – I have felt that – or “chosen” to feel that before – its a debate for sure – thanks for the comment Mrs Fever 😉

  7. Damn, that was super hot! I really enjoyed this story, probably because it took me back to a time when my wife and I would be like that. You’ve reminded me of how much I used to love 69. And you’re 100% right about sex not just being about intercourse. It’s about intimate pleasure, and being with that person and enjoying their body, as they enjoy yours.

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