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My sexual needs are somewhat deviant but I have never been involved in a threesome or group sexual activity. I suppose I have been a serial monogamist – somebody who jumps from one long-term monogamous relationship to another, usually making the break when sex within the pairing has become stale or boring. Towards the end of a lengthy relationship I would invariably become so horny I would cheat on my partner. The nearest I came to having sex with more than one person was sleeping with two men on the same day but at a different time – and unbeknown to each other.

The fact that I haven’t participated in a threesome does not mean that the idea doesn’t sexually excite me, it also intrigues me.

When I was just fifteen I remember chatting to an older girl at my Saturday job. She was always willing to educate the younger members of the work force with her sexual adventures. She told me in some detail how she had recently been involved in a MMF threesome sandwich – she was fucked in her cunt and arse simultaneously. My eyes came out on stalks as she laughed at my naivety.

My Catholic, moral upbringing meant I was never exposed to such activities when I came of age. However, I once had an offer of engaging in a threesome with a guy and a girl. They both fancied me like crazy and wanted me to participate in an evening of erotic delight. I found him slightly attractive but not her. She was pretty enough but physically did not appeal to me. If she had been a red head, buxom, freckled beauty I may have been persuaded. The ascetics of this type of female appeals to me but I am inherently straight. I want cock. I want to smell fresh manly sweat and feel bodily hair against my smooth skin.

My type of woman – Dominique Sorribes

During my sex-drought years I often fantasised about stranger sex. In fact I am one of those few people who can lucid dream. In such dreams I would pick an unknown male and just initiate sex with him – waking whilst having an orgasm. At this time I became close to a women who lived in my village. She opened up to me and explained that she was bi-sexual and in love with her best girlfriend. As time went on I learned that they frequented a swingers club together about once a month. This was before the internet had exploded so people relied on recommendation or word of mouth if they wanted to be involved in swinging fun.

I found this fascinating and over a bottle of wine would quiz her as to what went on there. She explained how her friend would only get involved physically with her if she was drunk or another guy joined in with them at the swingers club. She also explained how being a single mum meant she didn’t get the chance to meet many men so she also enjoyed having one-on-ones with guys she found attractive at this club. Fascinating, I thought. She explained that the club provided her with a safe environment to meet and fuck a guy, albeit a stranger.

Could I – would I – should I? Such thoughts flitted through my mind. A few years ago I finally became involved with a guy who didn’t shy away from my sexuality. Consequently I have been lucky enough to be immersed within a very healthy communicative sexual relationship. We talk about our fantasies – I don’t necessarily think they are our hopes but more our whimsical musings, but then again who knows? Here is mine…

My man and I are staying at a hotel. The bar is heaving and we start talking with a couple of guys – Jeff and Simon. They are about to play a poker game but need one extra. After a little persuasion my man agrees to join the party and they disappear to another room. I sit at the bar and consume several cocktails waiting.

Some time passes and he exits from the room looking troubled. He explains to me that he had a great card hand – couldn’t be beaten. He had bet all he had on it and more. He’d lost. The two guys who had persuaded him to join the party said they would wipe the debt slate clean if they could both fuck me. I look at him open-mouthed. He begs me to consider as if I don’t agree we will lose nearly everything we have worked for. I am quite inebriated so drunkenly nod.

The men lead us to a booked hotel suite. Naturally I am feeling somewhat daunted by the upcoming events so I tell my man that I can’t go ahead unless he remains in the room too. He awkwardly sits down in a corner chair. Jeff gives me a very strong drink and I quickly drink it down. It relaxes me somewhat. Simon comes behind me and begins to unbutton my tight white blouse. My breasts, dressed in a white bra, become visible. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back thrusting my boobs forward. Jeff eagerly begins to fondle my nipples through the material. I find myself uncontrollably gasping with delight.

May’s Swinging Fun Fantasy

Out of the corner of my eye I glance over to my man. He has his hand over his mouth but he can’t take his eyes away from me. In a moment my blouse and bra are just a memory and still with Simon holding me Jeff begins to slap my full breasts. He retreats a few steps back and sits on a sofa.

“Kneel bitch,” he demands.

Simon pushes me to my knees as Jeff undoes his zip. His cock emerges, the end already purple and pulsing. He grabs my head and forces his cock into my mouth groaning with satisfaction. At that instant, I feel my skirt being lifted from behind exposing my hold-up stockings and skimpy, lace,  knickers – these are promptly yanked down. A thrash lands on my naked arse cheeks – it feels like a belt. I scream out – my head, spinning from intoxication, is being manipulated by Jeff and is being forced up and down as he face fucks me.

Without hesitation I feel Simon’s cock penetrate my cunt. I am shaken but also unexpectedly sexually excited as he begins to rhythmically pump against my arse, gasping with pleasure. I manage a quick glance over at my man and it is clear his cock is also hard, his trousers taut containing it. My cunt juices are flowing now as Simon picks up pace, holding my hips as he grinds into me.

Jeff stops face fucking me- holds my head up by my hair and lands a crack with his palm across my cheek. My eyes begin to smart and I flinch with the shock and pain from the blow.

“Rub those big titties against my cock or I will l give you another slap”

I begin to push my boobs over his cock and balls, swaying somewhat from the doggy fuck I am receiving at the same time.

“Good girl” says Jeff, stroking my hair. He begins to tap his cock against my face. I can see a bead of cum about to spill out from the tip. “Now, look at your man,” he orders, holding my head in position so I can’t glance away. He then begins to jerk his cock frantically with his hand. Directly his sperm begins to shoot out over my face and lips as he moans with satisfaction.

I attempt to wipe the cum away but Jeff is quickly to his feet and ties my hands behind my back with my discarded bra. Simon grabs my hair and pushes my face into the sofa cushion previously occupied by Jeff. Strangely I feel quite comfortable and extremely aroused as his weight bears down on my back. He pulls his moist cock out of my cunt and orders me to be still as he positions it against my anus. Slowly he pushes forward until all his cock is nestled in my arse. I hear him sigh with gratification as he leisurely begins to thrust once again holding on to my hips.

Jeff returns from the bathroom and encourages Simon –

“Give the dirty bitch what she deserves,” he snarls.

I am feeling exhausted, well and truly used, but also, sexually stimulated. Simon continues for a few more strokes and then explodes his lot in side my arse, collapsing onto my back.

This may simply be a fantasy for me but ever since the beginning of time people have indulged such behaviour. I remember as an adolescent hearing about couples parties where all the car keys were thrown into a bowl and the men would pick a set and get to fuck the lady who matched the vehicle. This was called wife swapping or swinging.

Wife Swapping

Now the internet gives everyone the chance to freely explore all manner of dating opportunities. The more traditional sites have been around for a long time, promising monogamous bliss. Less conventional sites such as Swing Towns promote non-monogamous, swinging fun, where all manner of sexual delights are waiting no matter what your preferences. As a member you can look for like-minded people in your locality to hook up with or search for an actual swinger’s event/party to attend. These sites are extremely popular and people join from all over the world.

So if you want to turn a threesome (or more-some) fantasy, into a swinging fun reality, there has never been a better time to give it a try.

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This post was first published in the summer of 2017.

13 thoughts on “SWINGING FUN – Three is definitely not a crowd”

  1. Due to current circumstances I am unable to read the fantasy portion of your post, but the red bits were interesting. You are correct in that it has never been easier to get into a 3way if you want (thank you internet!) but of course there is still the age old problem of taking that first step, which is always the toughest: you still have to broach the subject with your partner first. Will they the get upset you want someone else sexually, or will they say “that sounds like fun?”
    I actually had one ‘almost’ 3way experience – a night I seriously thought it was happening – but by nights end the two women lost their nerve (sobered up?) and I was left hanging. I thought I’d blogged about it (and I’m still sure I have) but no amount of keyword or tag searching can find it. So here’s one from *my* fantasy file! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the link Nero. Interested as to why you cant read my fantasy? Hope its not to do with the way I have formatted it …

      1. Heh heh – no, I’m ‘saving’ myself for my wife. I know if I read your dirty fantasy I’ll start ‘celebrating Masturbation Month’…

  2. That is a very sexy fantasy. I am a big fan of MMF threesomes. I hope you get to experience one someday. :p I wish there were sex and swing clubs around where I love. Sadly I live in a small town/county and the bigger cities are at least three hours away.

    1. Hi Sweeten
      I do love my fantasies – They say your mind is a major erogenous zone- and mine certainly is 😉

    2. I haven’t had a threesome in 10 years, I’m in the same fix you are, Sweeten, small town but I’m on an island which makes it even worse. In the 80’s I had two different friends that invited me over when their girlfriend wanted a dp.

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