SwingTowns ~ Swing Into Non-Monogamy

SwingTowns ~ Swing Into Non-Monogamy

I was wondering if dating and hooking up with potential new partners had ground to a halt in these new times of social distancing. But then I remembered the internet.

Swing Into Non-Monogamy

I have worked with SwingTowns before and although I am in a monogamous relationship I have often had fantasies about swinging. What about you?

Here are SwingTowns to chat about how to stay in touch with your kinky friends in these lockdown days.

How to Hookup During Coronavirus

The Best Dating App for Virtual Sex with SwingTowns.com


There are lots of reasons to be upset about COVID-19, but one that really isn’t acknowledged enough is how dating has changed. Sure, we can still Skype local hotties and pray for a “Love is Blind” scenario where we meet the one, fall in love, and plan our weddings on Pinterest, all while avoiding those awkward side-hugs and first kisses.

But what about those of us who aren’t looking for anything serious?

Non-monogamy is more popular now than ever before, and with fun & safe platforms like SwingTowns to make connection as easy as tapping a few keys, this social distancing thing can be infuriating AF!

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.

When things get hard (pun intended), we humans have a way of getting ~creative~ with fulfilling our needs. They are needs, after all. We are social beings who require ample amounts of attention and interaction. With a little thinking, and by following every safety guideline recommended by the CDC, there’s no reason you shouldn’t spend your quarantine days just as satisfied as before — maybe even more so!

Hookup Online for Free


SwingTowns.com, also called “the World’s Friendliest Dating Site,” is home to millions of DTF couples and singles all over the globe. It’s the best place to find partners for all your virtual sexcapades. From phone sex to swapping pics and videos, and more! While most popular hookup apps aren’t very inclusive, SwingTowns offers a platform specifically for alternative dating. That means you’ll find singles and couples from all backgrounds including poly, swinging, friends with benefits, queer, BDSM, etc.

Some popular dating apps are stuck in the past. They seem to think that everyone wants the same thing (i.e. that “Cinderella meets Prince Charming and they lived in missionary-ever-after…”), leaving millions and millions behind. Of course, sexuality and romance can get pretty complicated, and everyone deserves a platform to express these unique sides of themselves.

SwingTowns is proud to be that platform.

So whatever you want out of dating, or even if you have no idea what that is – one thing you do know, is where to go: SwingTowns.com!

Ways to Safely Hookup Online

Getting your ~needs~ met while in lockdown is really as simple as thinking about what you like to do in the bedroom and getting creative with it. In fact, this could be a great time to explore those kinks and fantasies you might’ve been too shy to do anything about in real life with a partner. 

Into cheating fantasies? Find a couple on SwingTowns who has the same kink. Get on a video call to masturbate with one of them while the other partner “catches” the two of you in the act. If you really think about it, you’ll find that there are quite a few possibilities here!

See, sexting isn’t all the fun there is to be had on our phones and laptops. There’s also cam sex, phone sex, virtual masturbation parties, porn watch parties…the sky’s the limit.

Just make sure that you stay safe online and use common sense. SwingTowns prides itself on being a secure platform that protects your information. But once you leave the site (for example to chat on Snapchat, Skype, or any other apps unaffiliated with ST), it’s all up to you. Use a fake name if that makes you feel comfortable. And never share any identifying features of yourself over pictures or video if you want to remain anonymous. If you take these–and other–precautionary steps, you’ll find there’s very little hookup fun you can’t have virtually!

What’s the Best Hookup App for Virtual Sex?

We believe SwingTowns is the best platform out there for alternative dating. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We turned to our users to find out why SwingTowns is their favorite place to go for virtual sex. Here are some of their answers;

We have been members for years and of all the swinger sites we belong to–free AND paid–this site has shown the greatest number of interest in us from other members! Thanks for helping us find the partners we’re looking for!” – Bisexual couple (Land O Lakes, Florida)

Setting up groups in our area has been easy and yielded great results, especially meeting couples and ladies. Looking forward to many more fun years with SwingTowns!” – Married couple (Wainright, Alberta)

I’ve been on several sites for swinging and poly lifestyles. This one by far has surpassed ALL of the others! It’s fun and easy to meet great people. Thank you for this amazing site.” – Poly couple (Arlington, Texas)

That’s what makes SwingTowns so special: quality.

You won’t find a larger pool of real, passionate swingers anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to open dating, looking to maintain your fun while social distancing, or you just want to make some friends — you’re sure to find all that you’re looking for and more at the world’s friendliest dating site.

Take advantage of your FREE membership now!

This was a sponsored post from SwingTowns – who are always a pleasure to work with…

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  1. I was thinking this was sounding like a commercial. So the clarifying phrase at the end pulled everything together for me. I will keep this service in mind should my Queen and I ever decide to dabble…

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