Taboo – Golden & illegal

Taboo – Golden & illegal

Taboo! What a word. From the moment I heard it I wanted to do it. Sounding so naughty and off limits.

Warning – Taboo matters are discussed in the post.

The funny thing is what is taboo for me is not for you. We are all different. Our upbringing and education will have a massive influence on the things we feel are taboo.

Can knickers be taboo?

One of my old boyfriends used to steal ladies knickers off any local washing line when he was about sixteen. Then would take the lingerie home, rub the lacy material all over his cock and finish up by wanking on them. The following day he’d deposit them in a rubbish bin somewhere to prevent his Mum finding out his dreadful secret.

So in this scenario which bit is taboo? The stealing? What he stole? What he did with the stolen item or throwing away perfectly good knickers?

Of course, for some, none of those things are taboo. For my old boyfriend I think the fact that what he was doing was a bit risque made him enjoy the whole process even more.

When he told me several years later I laughed, hugged him and loved him for it.

What about a taboo act that you never knew you’d be up for until it is suddenly on the menu? Here are a couple from my life: Incest and Golden Showers.

Nearly Taboo

The nearest I got to doing something which most people would consider taboo was when I got to know my birth brother. Not bought up together. Same mum different dad. But from the first time we met I wanted him and it was obvious this thought was reciprocated. But we resisted this taboo, illegal temptation. In fact he moved across the other side of the world. To get away from me? I don’t know. But I sometimes think of him and wonder what having sex with him would have been like. I wanted him badly!

Normal or not? Between Consensual Adults…

I’ve delved into incest fiction literature and if well written I have found the content a bit of a turn on. Not the age gap porn though.

I think a fascination in these matters is quite normal and this is verified by taking a look at the topic of the most read stories on hubs such a literotica.

It appears the public get off of on fantasy incest in some way.

But I never thought I would feel that sexy incest buzz in reality. The truth is you never know what may be thrown at you during a life time.

Fun Taboo Sept 1997

On to someone else I wanted badly. Al. When I met him I was exploring my sexuality. It was late summer1997 and I have deep and meaningful diaries on the subject. Some have been written up and some went missing when my sub domain was corrupted. So I have kind of lost my impetus to do anything with them at the moment. And I am not even sure where the hand written ones are. It seems I’ve been thwarted at every turn when it comes to putting them into print.

Anyway I may put them on this blog eventually – we will see.


I digress. Back to Al. Well he was a one! The first person I had phone sex with. The first to spank me and the first to humiliate me with words. Sounds wonderful doesn’t he? Well he was in a way. Rather plain to look at but with a great scene of humor. He liked both sexes and at the time this was hard to get my head round. Cut me some slack – I was young. Now a days I would not spare a moments worry over such things. But back then I spent many a night in angst thinking about what would become of me and him.

A big problem was from my point of view he was dangerous. I was sexually abused as a child and he was violently abused when he was young. So both of us very damaged and needing someone emotionally secure and not each other. But the vibe between us meant I would have let him do anything to me sexually or physically. And that is not such a good place to be when you are vulnerable.

Park Life

So one evening we had been out up in the west end of London. We stopped off in a shop doorway on the way to the train station. My knickers were off in a jiffy and stuffed in my pocket. Long gypsy skirt hitched around my waist as he attempted to fuck me standing up; you know like in the movie Quadrophenia. But he was six foot three and I’m just below five foot nine. Even with heels we were not a-lined. So he picked me up and we shagged like that for a bit. I didn’t weigh much then. But laughing we admitted defeat and set off home.

Alighting the train we were walking past a park to his home. He still lived with his parents in those days. And he had an idea to finish fucking in the park. It was a warm September night and we were still horny from our previous attempt.

We climbed over a gate and went to find a wooden bench. It was then that he had the idea. To strip off and pee on each other.

“Go on May. It will be a laugh, See what it’s like. I’ve always wanted to try. Got to do everything once in life. How will you know if you like it if you don’t?”

To be honest, as I explained earlier, I was so into him that he didn’t have to ask twice.

We moved onto a grassy area, both stripped and he told me to go first.

Golden Taboo

Well do you know what, he laid down on the grass and I stood over him, naked, one leg either side of his middle, and try as I might I could not piss. I mean I needed to. We’d had several golden drinks that evening. But it wouldn’t come out. Must have been the novelty of what I attempting or maybe it’s taboo nature.

In the end we switched positions and his pee flowed nicely. All over me in fact.

Did it feel wrong? No. It felt so right. I agreed. I wanted it. We shared it. And afterwards we ran around while I got dry than I sat on his cock and he fucked me by the light of the moon.

That was the one and only time I’ve tried the golden  showers taboo experience.  Personally I found the act more fun than sexy so I don’t need to do it again, but if my man did, I’d let him.

Taboo fantasy

Of course fantasies are a a different matter, You can be as taboo as you want in your head and no one will know or care.  One thing that often crops up in my deviant imagination is breast feeding a guy. In my mind it is a very sexual scene and I get fucked too. The topic is discussed in this post.

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Taboo is Golden #110

25 thoughts on “Taboo – Golden & illegal

  1. Hi
    I am a lover of golden showers. Being unable to go is common and is called being pee-shy. By continuing drinking, turning on a tap, closing eyes, eventually you can overcome it. Sometimes just peeing in front of someone will help. Great post. I don’t see the problem with your half brother. Feelings are just that. They aren’t actions. And despite our best efforts, we can’t control the feelings we have.

  2. This is very open and taboo. I can relate on the relative thing, it’s difficult to explain about the attraction. I think it’s because no one told us it was (is) wrong or taboo because of not growing up together.
    I have one cousin who admitted his attraction towards another cousin and how turned on he was about the fantasy. Then I had another distant older cousin who was fucking his female cousin (not related to me) for years! So I was told when he died?.

  3. I absolutely love this post, May. From the fact that you so openly shared some of your “taboo” thoughts and experiences to the matter of fact way you expressed them. While those taboos aren’t my thing at all, the way you share them is so refreshing. I felt like we were sitting down over tea or coffee and chatting. Love this!

    1. Thanks GotN what a lovely thing to say – i’m so pleased you read it – The eroticon talk in 2018 really made me consider how to tackle taboo topics, so I tried to add a little humour, life is funny after all 😉 x

  4. I deal so much in bodily fluids that I find certain things difficult to bring into sex. Peeing is one that I’ve played with a little and in that limited moment it was super hot. I don’t know if I’m super inclined to do it more. Everyone likes different things, taboo things included. Thanks for sharing candidly.

  5. Fascinating and fun post May. I think it is very common for siblings brought up separately to feel the attraction to one another & interpret it as sexual whereas in a normal situation it would feel like bonding instead. You didn’t act on it so nobody should or could judge you.

    I love your description of the knee trembler shag not going to plan, I don’t think I could manage it either, If I’ve ever tried it was in a shower context and didn’t work despite being similar height (most of my boyfriends have been). Totally get that giving a golden shower gave you ‘performance anxiety’ and I am glad it was fun and not gross. Yo are very game and adventurous!

  6. I’ve never tried golden showers, (either as the pee-er or the pee-ee!), and I don’t know that they’re quite on my bucket list, the more I’m reading about it, the more I’m starting to think about it….

  7. Beautiful piece of writing. I love your take on it and the context of the fun element.

    Looking at the comments I feel another blog on the subject of golden showers plus the offshoots will be coming soon.

  8. I’m not surprised you had trouble pissing on him since we’re toilet trained from an early age not to do it unless we’re ‘on the potty’. Sure, we all at some stage manage to do it behind a tree or in a pool but try just standing there and pissing in your pants – your brain just won’t let you ‘let go’.

    I personally don’t have any ‘golden shower’ fantasies, but I have always wondered what it would feel like for a woman if I pissed a steady warm stream on her clit. Would that get her off, or do female fans of the practice just enjoy the degradation? Of course getting a woman to lie down on the bathroom tile, spread her legs, and let me piss between them is most unlikely, so I’ll never know.

    But now you’ve made me think about doing that to you, which is weird. My guess is you’d probably giggle a lot. Get your man to do it and then report back to us, cheers! 🙂

  9. You tell your stories so well May! And to digress from taboo, it was interesting to learn you’re a little bit tall. I like knowing irrelevant details like this. ? What a funny (yes, more funny than sexy) pee story! I keep thinking, “you had to walk home damp?!” You are adventurous!!

  10. I’ve never done the golden shower thing, but it is on my list of things I want to try. Infact, it’s been there for a while, but I never felt confident enough to mention it to my partner for fear of him being disgusted by it.
    I’m slowly introducing the idea, so we shall see!


    1. I really do hope u get round to mentioning it. And slowly is the best way. Maybe talking about something u have read about etc. And gage his opinion . Thanks so much for your comment.

  11. I really enjoyed this. I think that when the attraction is strong enough and the desire takes you over, convention goes out of the window and we are able to do things that normally we might not. I love the way that you write with humour as well as reflection. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Missy. I think people will shy away from mentioning I wanted to Shag my birth half brother, but not u. I understand your comment applies to the golden and the illegal xx

      1. I thought your original post about it was really interesting. It happened. I don’t see the big deal. And also the legality is to stop people from having children with issues. In many cultures it is quite acceptable.Sometimes these attractions just happen and who to happens with is outwith our control. I hope that people understand that and I always think you should never judge until you have walked in those shoes.

  12. After the first para I was singing Arnold Layne in the kitchen lol And I have a post about sex, kink and toilets coming up. This had given me food for tbought

  13. Fab post May 🙂 Golden showers are on my 2019 bucket list! Every time I read about someone doing it I just want to do it more, lol! But like you I have tried and just can’t go! But this is something I will combat. Golden shower fun will be mine and every one will know when I’ve succeeded because 100% I’ll be blogging about that :p x

    1. Reminds me of a tweet from a pro domme I saw some years ago. She had a client booked for a water sports session and was walking around central London calling in at every coffee shop she saw to make sure she was bursting when the client came.

  14. Your post on your birth brother was a very interesting read at the time and well worth visiting again.

    A very long time ago I did have a telephone/online relationship with someone who was very turned on by golden showers. The one time we did meet we had other priorities, so never tried it. x

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