True Life Frolics ~ Take me, by the River

True Life Frolics ~ Take me, by the River

A short while ago I wrote about a fun indoor bondage session my man and I enjoyed at the start of the last lockdown. Then life – and the way I felt – weren’t really pointing their way to any sexy fun.

I mean you need to feel sexy to have sex. In my opinion. And for various reasons I have not been at my my best. But the sun shone about a week ago and I asked my man if he wanted to, take me, by the river side. Let’s say he did not say no.

Luckily we live very near a river ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take Me By the River

So packing a picnic for lunch we headed off to find a secluded area where we could first eat and take in some sunshine.

We found the perfect spot in-front of a bird watcher’s hut. It was sheltered from the wind and a wooden bench had conveniently been placed with a wonderful view of the river bank. We leisurely ate our wraps and enjoyed a mug of sparking wine left over from a bottle we’d opened the day before. We were spoiling ourselves. But why not? There has been enough hardship to endure lately.

The sun, wine and food relaxed us nicely. The area we had chosen was completely deserted so we decided looked for unexposed spot right on the river bank, masked by some trees. We didn’t have to look far. Nature was all around. The birds were singing. The ducks were taking a swim and the noise of the river running its course filled the air. I threw the blanket on the ground…

Come and join us…

Take Me – By the River

04 feb photofest 2019 river

We sit down on the blanket and for a few minutes simply take in all the beauty around us – in sight, smell and sound. Intentionally and quite unusually I’m wearing a skirt. I hitch it up slightly and the sun warms my legs and thighs. My man undoes his fly and being as he always goes commando his cock bounces out enthusiastically to enjoy the warm rays. Immediately I am turned on and get on my knees. Lowering my head to take his tumescent length between my lips. My mouth exerting a little pressure, encouraging his cock to attention.

“You’re a dirty girl.” Sucking cock. You couldn’t wait to get it in your mouth.”

He snakes an arm around to my raised arse and his fingers weave past my panties and into the warmth of my cunt. I wriggle slightly to impale myself for my own pleasure and then suck in more of his hardness – feeling like a dirty girl. Exposed for anyone to see. My arse in the air and my head in his lap, slurping and licking cock in the sunlight.

It is so liberating getting down and sexy outdoors. I’m sure this is where we are meant to enjoy sex. Not cooped up in a sweaty bedroom.

He fists my ponytail and moves my head up and down, face fucking me. Because he can. When he stops I gently lick at the tender piece of skin – the frenulum – that never fails to arouse and all of a sudden he shoots his juice in my mouth. No warning. I carry on licking and the remaining bit dribbles down my chin while he falls back onto the blanket satiated and ready to relax.

But not for long. That was incredibly horny and my cunt needs attention. I shimmy off my knickers and he returns the favour. Leaning down his tongue opens my slit and caresses the tender skin, while a finger intrudes inside. My clit is already perky from the stimulating activity. So I simply push my hips towards his face and let my climax wash over me to the sound of the river flow.

Be mindful

Although I am a great fan of outdoor frolics it is important to make sure you pick your spot carefully. You don’t want to be seen by any one passing by who were just hoping for a quiet stroll rather than being unwittingly part of a couple’s dirty fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

That afternoon gave us so much pleasure. It can make all the difference when the sun shines. It lifts a person’s mood like nothing else. So hopefully the warm weather will return very soon… And I do recommend a picnic lunch and anything you desire for afters…

Pleasure by the River

14 thoughts on “True Life Frolics ~ Take me, by the River

  1. Oh goodness … very, VERY, arousing. You’ve certainly got me going … I should be still working. But I’m now just HAVING to excuse myself and sneak off for a short while. And even though the cubicle won’t really feel like your picnic blanket, imagination … AND inspiration is a wonderful thing !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Bravo! It’s abundantly apparent why you have a whole month named after you Ms. More. So much so I think the month of June should be renamed to More May. Apologies to all the Junes out there.

  3. Absolute bliss to be outside, and having sexy fun. Finding a secluded spot and having sex… definitely the kind of fun I would love to have again.
    And such a sexy image too, May! Very inviting ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

  4. I agree, re: pick your spot carefully! Non-consenting (<— that's the key issue!) viewers could stumble upon you otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also completely agree, re: outdoor sex. It's one of the summertime delights I've missed in recent years.

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