Taking a Bad Boy

Taking a Bad Boy

Men would walk over broken glass to get their hands on your goods…

Eleanor always delighted in taking everything her elder step-sister, Elizabeth, had. Even boyfriends. Now they were adults, the current object of her desire was Jay.

When Liz married him, Ellie knew her weak willed sister would never be able to truly handle this man. Women were merely a hobby to him, putty in his hands. He was more than happy to include sisters, but Eleanor decided it was time to let both of them know who was in charge, and devised a plan to once more take what she wanted.

Eleanor’s blouse fell to the floor, and Jay immediately slapped the left side of her breast.

“Fuck Ellie, you are smouldering. Your sister may be beautiful, but it would be hard for any slut to be as sexy as you. Men would walk over broken glass to get their hands on your goods.”

He undid his fly and pushed Eleanor by her shoulders to a kneeling position. His cock bounced out of his trousers into her mouth.

She looked up at Jay and saw sheer longing in his eyes.

What was it about this man that made her cunt throb? It wasn’t simply that he was married to her sister. It was a more primitive urge, to be taken and used by a badass dude. And if along the way she stole her sister’s man, then all the better, but on her terms. It was time to take some control and not simply be an object Jay could use to taunt her own sister.

Jay had her by the back of the head, cock in as deep as he could.

She let him use her mouth like a cunt for a bit and then teased the tip of his knob with her tongue. He was moaning and stroking the hair back from her face.

“Ah, such a good girl, Ellie. I can tell you have a natural gift for cocksucking. Stroke my balls for me, sweet lips.”

When he was totally engrossed in her actions, with an almighty shove, she freed herself from his grasp.

“What the fuck?” Jay yelled. “Ellie, get on your knees now, bitch.”

Later,” Eleanor purred, dusting his cheek with her fingertips. “When I am ready, I’ll let you know.”

Content that Jay was now hooked, Eleanor grabbed a coat and walked out the door with a smile on her face. In the background, she heard him exclaim, “That is one sassy slut.”

The next day, she told her sister that Jay had tried to fuck her. Tears streamed down Liz’s face. Now, it was easy to explain to her sister why she would never be able to keep a guy like Jay under control. After a long conversation, Elizabeth agreed and decided to leave Jay. Once more, Ellie had got her own way, but also convinced herself it was the right result for everyone.

Now, Eleanor turned her attention back to Jay. Inviting him over. He practically flew through the door. She was dressed to impress in black lacy lingerie from head to toe, which he practically ripped to pieces. Then, without any preliminaries, he sunk his cock deep into her tight cunt. Supporting himself on his elbows, he fucked her slowly and wouldn’t come until she was screaming out in ecstasy.

As they lay back on her bed, Eleanor lectured Jay about his other women. She told him, in no uncertain terms, she would not compete with them and if he really wanted her, he’d need to prove it by disposing of the whores in his life.

He begged, “but they mean nothing to me, Ellie — you’re the one.”

She was insistent. From now on, he would dance to her tune, not the other way around.

After a few weeks, Jay returned with divorce proceedings in place.

Eleanor had no intention of marrying him, but did want him to fuck her until the insatiable need within her subsided.

Secretly, she wondered if she would ever have enough of this crude, rough chancer.

Every good girl loves a bad boy, right?

Taming a Bad Boy is a spin-off from a relay of stories – this part went next…

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Wife imprisonment on wicked Wednesday
Bad Boy
wife imprisonment
Bad Boy

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  1. I remember that marathon, it was hella fun to write for. I knew I recognised a few scraps from your original in this super sassy re-write. Well done for adapting it, I think I’d like to know more 😉

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