The last Tantalizing Year flew by

The last Tantalizing Year flew by

Many of you know that I curate, and edit alongside Posy Churchgate – with invaluable ad-hoc help from Mrs k and Liz Black – Tantalizing Tales (a Medium fiction publication.) But I don’t expect those of you who can’t head into Medium wonderland often, are aware what an amazing success it has been.

As bloggers, you guys all understand a little about stats, so am sure will appreciate some of the content I am going to share below – a section of a post that I published a few days ago on the Medium platform to celebrate Tantalizing Tale’s first birthday.

Tantalizing Tales

Happy Birthday Tantalizing Tales #1

Let’s Celebrate

I had the idea to start a Medium publication at the very start of 2021.

I asked Posy to come on board. We hit the road running, began to load up some of our older stories and plan ahead. Mrs k and Liz agreed to write for the new project, so we were ready to roll. I’d like to say for the record that without their contribution, and the amazing writers, the magazine would never have reached the heights it has.

Team Tanalizing!

On January 19th 2021 the first ever Tantalizing Tale was published. And I don’t mind admitting none of us really knew what we were doing regarding curating, editing or promoting a publication. But, we could all write and learned fast.

Since then, our Tantalizing Toes have hardly had to time to touch the ground and I have to say it’s been a blast!

Indeed, creating Tantalizing Tales was one of my better decisions in life!

As it is our 1st birthday I’m going to check out the statistics, get tantalizing and share the cream of 2021. Because I want to spotlight as many wonderful writers as possible, no one will have more than one link.

Simple Statistics

Medium don’t expand a hell of a lot on statistics, but I am happy to keep it simple.

The celebration is about the collective win not a winner.

Here are a few very simple statistics for you.

Over the year we have published nearly 500 stories and reached over 105,000 people.

At the moment we are averaging over 13,000 views a month with approx 21,000 minutes of monthly reads — (that’s about 11.5 hours reading a day). WOW… This is down to the incredible writing and support from the readers and community.

tantalizing stats
Last 90 days — Views

tantalizing stats
Reading time over the last 90 days

We could have published a lot more of your tales but prefer to be select, which gives us a chance to support the writers by promoting every single story more than once during the week it is published.

The 1000 views milestone

In total there are 12 stories on Tantalizing Tales which have received over 1000 views. 


The rest of the post shares stories from our many excellent writers and you can read it here with a friend link, so you should not have trouble getting through Medium barriers.

One thing we love to do on Tantalizing tales is encourage new writers as well as the more experienced. If you feel that 2022 is the year you’d like to write more and get paid a bit for it – open a medium account with your google profile. It is free, and get in contact. We’d love to have you with us.

Confused about Medium? I was too. So I wrote a beginners post on the Blogable site, all about it.

And if you fancy a writing challenge and a way to improve your skill, the Fiction Marathon is coming soon. Read what last year’s winner has to say about it.

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