Teacher’s Pet in more ways than one

Teacher’s Pet in more ways than one

I had a teachers post planned and then changed it as I read other blog posts which talked about teachers taking – or not taking – advantage of their position.

I will be looking at that aspect in a minute but first I want to give a shout out to a few people I think have taught me, in one way or another.

Teaching me stuff

My uncle – not this one but another chap who was married to my Mum’s cousin. You can see him as Geoff on this family tree. He was a tremendously giving individual and taught me to swim and also harness my imagination. He told me stories from his head, not a book. They were wonderful. Some I will never forget.

Miss Moore – was my teacher when I was ten. She made me realise it was cool to be smart and individual. Two things I carry with me to this day.

My Man – without him I don’t know if I would have achieved the level of openness, regarding sex, that I have. He let me know that what ever you want is OK.

James Corbett – I don’t watch the news on TV. James features true history. Not fabricated, or watered down. I admire his bravery and his drive to educate.

Teachers standing too Close

Now on to the main event…

When I was in the 6th form – 16 to 17 years – I knew sisters, only a year apart in age. Jackie was in my year and Juliet a year above. They dated teachers.

Teacher’s Pet

We attended a catholic school run by mainly nuns and women. But the 6th form was amalgamated with the boys catholic school, just 5 minutes away. So for particular subjects we were taught by male teachers at the boys school.

We also had social events. Some held at the schools and some at the pub around the corner. The younger (aged between 22 and 28) teachers came out drinking with us. Remember we were still legally underage where alcohol was concerned. Not sex though. By the Christmas Juliet was dating Mr L and Jackie was working on getting Mr P to take her out. I  can hear you guys shouting out that these teachers were taking advantage of these young girls – and yes they were. But I saw Jackie flirt outrageously with Mr P. He should have exercised some self control – but of course he didn’t.

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be

Jackie only “dated” Mr P but Juliet fell for Mr L and had her first ever sexual encounter with him.

Inside her, there’s longing
This girl’s an open page
Book marking, she’s so close now
This girl is half his age

Their relationship developed into a serious romance. At first the rest of the 6th form were cool about it but then, of course, the bitching began. Some of the other girls were clearly jealous. A few glanced around for a teacher of their own.

Her friends are so jealous
You know how bad girls get
Sometimes it’s not so easy
To be the teacher’s pet

But youngish male teachers were in short supply – there was only one other – Mr K – and he had his eyes on … me!

Mr K taught me Sociology A’ Level. I must say I was not often attracted by the older man but as I appeared emotionally mature some were keen on me, even if only to chat.

Mr K could not keep his eyes away from my legs in class. The other students commented about it regularly. One of the bolder ones saying it to Mr K’s face. He didn’t deny it.

One day I skipped school. That evening I went down to my local pub and had a drink with Jim. Just as I was popping to the toilets I spotted Mr K. Or rather he saw me and left his small group to stop me in my tracks.

“I see you are feeling a lot better now Miss More.” He smirked. “Perhaps well enough for me to buy you a drink?”

I looked up at him. He was tall and quite imposing. A groomed moustache and trim physique. Stepping a little closer I could almost feel his breath on my face.

Don’t stand, don’t stand so
Don’t stand so close to me

I blushed. Embarrassed as suddenly I found this man attractive. His assertiveness maybe? But  instead of standing my ground I took a step back, physically – and mentally , telling him I was out with my boyfriend. But it was too late as he had noticed the look on my face.

The next week in class I felt very conscious of myself and slightly uncomfortable. A few more days passed and I was walking home from school when his car drew up beside me.

Wet bus stop, she’s waiting
His car is warm and dry

He offered me a lift. Of course he didn’t actually live too far from me, after all he had been in my local pub. I nearly accepted. Looking back it was more a lack of confidence and a feeling I would be inching in to the unknown, unprepared, that stopped me jumping into the passenger seat next to him.

I often saw him drive down that road again but he never stopped. As to being in class with him. He still stared at my legs 😉

Mr L and Juliet were very much together and it became difficult for them to keep it a secret. Both had to deal with being bad mouthed.

Loose talk in the classroom
To hurt they try and try
Strong words in the staff room
The accusations fly

Luckily Juliet finished her schooling. It always seemed weird to me the headmaster, Mr L’s boss, must have known. But didn’t do a thing. Catholics for you!

Looking Back

What a long time ago all that happened. My peer group talked about it for several years. At the time we really didn’t view the teachers as being inappropriate. We recognised that they were only really a handful of years older than us and put aside the fact these men were behaving irresponsibly and taking advantage of their positions. But I do have to say – the girls did not make it easy for them to exert any self control.

Featured Song – Don’t Stand so Close by The Police

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teacher's pet
Teacher’s Pet

teacher's pet
Musically Ranting – Teacher’s Pet
teacher's pet
Don’t Stand So Close – The Police ~ Teacher’s Pet
Self control - Teacher's Pet
Self control – Teacher’s Pet

11 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pet in more ways than one

  1. Wow. The way he came onto you is a little shocking. How could he have thought that was okay? Just by reading this it’s apparent to me that when you’re that young as a teen you can’t really make sense of it and be aware of what it might mean. It would have been so easy to step into his car or go out with him for a drink. And I suppose the dangerous thing is that even if it may feel ok in the moment you can look back on it later in life and regret it. But because of the circumstance rather than just regretting kissing a random guy, it could actually make you feel quite dirty and used. I’m glad you don’t really experience it that way though and that you kinda held him off!

  2. I cannot say for certain that things like this never happened when I was in school, but I think this has more to do with me just not paying attention, than that it didn’t happen. This was a great read, May, and I love how well it worked with the lyrics 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. I can relate completely to your school days. I had two teachers who behaved inappropriately with me. One should have been charged, never mind removed from his position. I think the times were different then and the feeling that you had to protect yourself, or try to, was there. People knew as it wasn’t only me he did it to but they did nothing about it. As a teacher, I am shocked when I look back. Colleagues these days are so careful about what they say and how they behave – rightly so. I think that the end of corporal punishment changed things in terms of how everyone saw the role of the teacher. 😊

  4. Great post- it made me think how I would have handled it – although most of my teachers were female AND middle aged. Abuse of power indeed but heady temptation the moment.

  5. I wonder if any of them recognized – at the time or later in life – the abuse of power there. I’ve no doubt the feelings were “real” on some level, but to me, the complete illegality and inappropriateness is more real.

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