Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

Graham Alexander Bell, a Scots man, invented the telephone. Although it was a tight race between a few people. He managed to patent the design first so it was he who went down in the history books.

Just over twenty years ago mobile telephones were beginning to become popular. However, only those that needed to use a phone for travel purposes seemed to own one. The rest of us used a land line at home or work.

This post tells the story of a telephone call I received in May or June 1997 from a new boyfriend. I was desperate for him to become more than a casual affair so was willing to play a few of his games. Enough said, here is a spruced up excerpt from my diary of that time.

The Telephone Rings

The man himself finally rang me on Thursday at work, asking if I would be at home that evening, if he were to ring me back. Which he did and my oh my – what a conversation that was.

He started saying he wouldn’t be able to see me at the weekend as he was working. Rather than be unhappy about this I immediately felt a little buoyant. If he was telling me he couldn’t go out at the weekend he must think that we are “dating” – otherwise surly he would not bother explaining what he would be doing?  He did move swiftly on, asking me if I had masturbated when he drove off the other evening, after giving him the blowjob. I was a little indignant in my reply, which was a curt,


He wasn’t going to be put off at all. He continued by proceeded to inquire what I was wearing. I had my blue and white slip dress on and told him. It was at that point that it became clear to me what was going on – PHONE SEX!

Phone Sex!

I was and still am a little bemused as I have zero experience where this type of thing is concerned. Or should I say I had Zero experience. I quickly realised that if I wanted to keep this man interested I would need to adapt, and fast.

I was prepared for his next question – asking what knickers I was wearing. They were a plain cotton black pair but I got into my role and told him they were skimpy, lacy and black. He liked that! He asked me about my bra and once again I lied.

“I don’t have one on”.

“Put your hand up under your dress and touch your boobs.”

Embracing phone sex with open legs

Well the following bit was crazy as I found myself doing exactly what he asked. I pulled the cups of my bra down and began to fondle my breasts, feeling the heaviness of them. My nipples began to get hard as I arched my back, and with the phone to my ear, put my head back.

He told me he had his cock out and the next thing my hand pulled the gusset of my knickers aside and I began to finger my cunt, asking him how his cock felt. He told me it was rock hard as he was stroking it and thinking of my mouth.

I was surprising myself as I was really getting into the whole phone sex scene and enjoying it.

We started talking about anal. He wants to have it with me! Yes, I heard alarm bells – but they rang in the distance as I was too busy rubbing my clit and telling him I couldn’t wait to have his cock in my mouth again. To feel the soft shaft skin against my lips, and to run my tongue around his knob. He said he wanted to do everything to me but at this moment he was thinking of coming all over my face.

“I’d like that. I could lick your balls as you spray my mouth and cheeks.”

I was getting near to climax and could tell by his voice that he was. He told me to take a moment to come and he would listen to the noise I was making.

I got into mode, fantasising about intercourse with him whilst rhythmically massaging my clit, thrusting my hips forward – I came.

He asked me how my cunt felt. I explained it was hot, dripping wet and wanting his cock – I listened as  his breathing altered in pace and he noisily came shortly after.

Strange Experience

My goodness what a strange experience! He ended the call by asking if the following weekend we could go out near where I live and then he could come back and stay. Naturally I said yes.

When we put the telephone down I felt great but a bit dirty. It was new to me – phone sex – but I had got with the program because I want him so much. Maybe I’d been lured into it. I could have just put the phone down though. After all,  I made the choice to continue, but I won’t be telling anyone about it in a hurry.

Telephone #284

This time from many years ago is depicted in diaries. And was also the time I first got to meet my man.

14 thoughts on “Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

    1. Elliot my dear I sometimes wonder if it’s ever in… But I’m glad you are part of my world.
      Indie xx

  1. This was great May – I loved the way you adapted and rolled with it, making it work for you instead of just getting him off. I think early on in any relationship I’d be too shy to let a guy hear my cumming noises! But Go You! This was a hot story.

  2. That was a fun tale to read and picture in my mind exactly what was going on… yes, I was. That would be a fun diary to read, you were such a naughty girl, and still are I suspect. Loved the little lies, May. Great illustration, btw.

  3. Another great hot piece of writing May. A bit of fast thinking on? off? your feet there…
    You’ve also got me thinking – when was the last time i had phone sex and did you-know-who feature in it? I can’t remember dammit!
    Indie xx

  4. I have had some great phone sex in my past…. with the right person who gets into the flow of the conversation it can be amazingly hot


  5. Such a gloriously sexy episode. (How phones have changed over the years and the ways we use them.) Lovely writing May. No wrong numbers dialled here. I loved it! x

  6. This is so sexy! I wish I had the ability to just let myself go for phone sex, but I never could and eventually gave up. It’s just not my thing…

    Rebel xox

  7. “I’d like that. I could lick your balls as you spray my mouth and cheeks.”

    Dear god, I love dirty talk!!

    “He asked me how my cunt felt. I explained it was hot, dripping wet and wanting his cock – I listened as his breathing altered in pace and he noisily came shortly after.”

    Did I mention I love dirty talk?!

    Who needs coffee when they can read May’s sexy exploits every morning?

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