Ten Words about You, Me and Marie

Ten Words about You, Me and Marie

Ten years is a very long time to do something, at the same time, each and every week. Looking back, I don’t think I have achieved that with anything during my adult life. But I know someone who has… Marie Rebelle with her popular meme Wicked Wednesday.

I was going to look back on my last ten years but really didn’t feel emotionally strong enough to delve into all the ups and downs a post like that would warrant. On a very positive note I did break out of my greenhouse which enabled me to fly a little. Starting this blog in 2017 and finally living more for me, than others.

If you want to know more about my life, you can find lots here on my blog.

Ten to Eleven

So I decided to instead create a tribute to Marie and Wicked Wednesday by asking 10 bloggers/writers, who over the years have all participated in the meme, to list a few words that describe themselves – 10 words actually – and then to each pick one word that they feel represents Marie – so that is another 10 words about Marie.

Here we go…

Marsha Adams

Asocial author, Anxious autist, aberration adventurer, Amateur autopsychotherapist, Alliteration aficionado.

My Naughty Ideas

Pleaser, naughty, fun, big Smile, esoteric, creative, organized, trashy, classy, comic book character

Mrs k

Persistent, genuine, courageous, independent, indecent (yes that’s correct), witty, relentless, adaptable, romantic, generous.

Posy Churchgate

Creative, loyal, kind, obedient, sympathetic, patient, amicable, passionate, impulsive, empathic.

The barefoot sub

Tenacious, aloof, warm, reflective, authentic, diplomatic, curious, brave, strong, Me.

Liz Blackx

Kinky, BDSM-lover, author, blogger, reviewer, edgy, SexToys, submissive, poly, Bimbofication.

Snake Charmer and Snake

Charmer: Sassy, introverted, pragmatic, loving, intuitive – Snake: Empath, ambivert, curious, protective, thinker.

Cousin pons

Amiable, supportive, punster, bibliophile, walker, writer, photographer, practical, inquisitive, anxious.

Brigit Delaney

Driven, empathetic, bipolar, stubborn, collaborative, loyal, socially awkward, educated, independent.

F. Leonora Solomon

Friendly, sunny, mysterious, ever-changing, static, contradictory, thoughtful, writer, curious.

So – I cocked up! Ten – plus me – it’s my blog I need to write my words – makes eleven… But I dont expect Marie will mind…

May More

Impulsive, instinctive, intelligent, individual, inquisitive, intuitive, impatient, independent, improper, intransigent.

When I asked everyone to write ten adjectives describing themselves, I had already written mine. Reading all the others was fascinating. It is not easy to write about yourself in this way. All my words begin with “I” – it just happened. Then, when I received Marsha’s words, I laughed – all hers begin with an “A”.

Congratulations Marie, running a meme for TEN years, every week, at the same time. Hats off to you, an amazing achievement.

And I already have mentioned it isn’t easy to describe yourself in 10 words or 11 🙂 – but Marie does not need to, as each person gave me a word for her, too. Here they are starting with Marsha’s and going down the list above with their chosen adjective for Marie Rebelle (actually there are some nouns thrown in too but that’s OK as I chose the last one). 🙂

Marie Rebelle

Valuable – Intriguing – Diligent – Generous – Mischievous – Prolific – Compassionate – Inspirational – Magnetic – Marvel – Friend.

ten years ten words
Wicked Wednesday #523 10 years

14 thoughts on “Ten Words about You, Me and Marie

  1. I was so excited when May asked me to contribute and I’m so happy to read the final work and see it so wonderfully done. Congratulations on 10 years of Wicked Wednesday and look forward to so much more.

  2. Ha ha! I was happy to participate – Marie is a true friend and very supportive and inspirational, but I was also so interested to read what others wrote. Clever those ones that were all the same letter and quite telling that it is you May making the rules and then bending them for your own purposes … dont you think? Great post, very original

  3. May, I don’t know what to say. I sit here with tears in my eyes. Thank you for this, and for all who have contributed. You are all so special to me! <3
    ~ Marie xox

    1. You are special to me – and to us all! Thank you for making me feel I had a place to go when I started blogging – I would not be writing fiction today if it was not for the smut marathon! So Thank you! xx

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