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Thank you for the Bloggers

I am number 2 in the best sex blogging list. How cool is that and how did that happen? It happened because of you.

If you did not come to my blog I wouldn’t have an audience, but it goes deeper than that.

Climbing the List

In 2017 I was thrilled to be included at 51. Last year I’d sprinted up to number 8. This year I was simply keeping my fingers crossed that I could stay in the top 10.

Don’t get me wrong I work extremely hard at my blog and it is quite a challenge to combine that with earning money using my May More profile to write elsewhere. Not to mention keeping up with my real life job. I don’t actually have much time to sit back and relax. And even if I am there is sometimes a sex toy between my legs waiting to be reviewed. The life of a sex blogger!

But the day the results came out I was hoping things would turn out well for Sex Matters. I was also travelling for seven hours on that day. My friend Eye text me mentioning I should sign in to Twitter – but I couldn’t as my phone was tracking the journey.

When I did I was shell shocked. Even with all my consistently hard work I didn’t expect to be number 2 when there are so many other bloggers having to juggle the different aspects in their lives and they also have amazing sites.

When I saw my number I gave thanks. Being number 2 validates the time and effort I spend on my writing but also I realised it may help me further along the earning road. This is a necessity for me or I won’t be able to blog.


So while I was silently thanking the stars above I saw a tweet on twitter from Eye talking about her blog…

And I wasn’t about to turn my back on it or myself now. Through it all I have felt so upheld by my lovely twits and my blogger friends, thank you all so much. I am also grateful for the support I received from newsigns and May_Matters in moving my blog to being self hosted.

Earlier on this year I looked over Eye’s new self hosting site with her and made a couple of suggestions and possible tweaks. And in her moment of reflection she had made time to thank me!

Later that night I sat back and reflected too. It had been a sex bloggers couple of days. The new voices had been announced the previous day, followed by the main list. There were eight new blogger voices. Four of which I know well having been involved with them in various capacities. They deserved their places. Of course. Otherwise they would not be on Molly’s list. But I reflected further and asked myself this…

How many of us can honestly say we have  arrived on these special lists without any help?

I know I can’t.

I believe in karma.

Thank You to the Bloggers

So just like the wonderful, innovative Mrs Fever I am going to give thanks.

Thanks to those who have been there, assisted me, supported my work – helped me along my way to where Sex Matters is today. I know I would not be number 2 on Molly’s list without you special people.

(Thank you to  all these amazing individuals. I have delved into their archives and my gift is to provide a link under their name to a chosen post of theirs that is special or different in some way. Please check out their work.)


Eye ~ has to be one of the most generous and thoughtful people I have met in the community and I am very happy she’s my friend.

Posy Churchgate and Missy ~ My girlie chums. Could not have got there without you guys watching my back and laughing out loud.

Cousin Pons ~ A dear comrade, supporter and I so admire his writing.

Elliott Henry ~ Has been by my side cheer-leading from way back. I appreciate him.


Molly Moore ~ who dedicates so much time to the community not to mention the list. But as far as I am concerned she has championed my fiction writing, right from the start.

Nero, Pete  Symes and Indie ~ Back there in the early days of Sex Matters  – reading and commenting and spurring me on. I don’t forget.

Little Switch Bitch and Marie ~ two of the most gorgeous supporting women in the sex blogging community.

Lexy,  Asrai,  Sindee, Violet,  Cara,  Julie,  Cal and Jor ~ consistently promoting my work on Twitter.

Working together

Floss ~ my co-host for F4thought and very deserved number 1 blogger. We work together extremely well and she continually supports my blog and me personally.

Kilted Wookie ~ for starting Food for Thought and handing the meme over to me and Floss.

Cat and Melody ~ It is a joy to know my fellow SB4MH colleagues. Cat’s meme is such a worthy one and both of them consistently shout out my work.

Work Elsewhere

Kayla, Jayne, Anna  and Tabitha ~ for believing in my writing enough to commission my work.

My Man

Thank you to Inigo More ~ Of course without the support I get at home I could not do any of this.

Congratulations to  the 8 new voices and everyone on the Sex Blogging Main List.

22 thoughts on “Thank you for the Bloggers”

  1. Congratulations on your well deserved placement and thank you May!!!
    It’s lovely to be remembered, and I have loads of memories in relation to those early blogging days. These were given form and substance during my 2018 trip to the UK where I was so happy to catch up with you and a number of other folk mentioned in this post. You know who you are and I’m sending you virtual hugs.
    I’m a slack blogger these days, and BadHare isn’t MidnightattheOasis but I still marvel at the way friendships crossed oceans and helped me to restore my life back then.
    Once again congratulations to all the fabulous bloggers, and especially May(the legs)More!

  2. Your blog is just wonderful May, you explore topics seemingly without fear or self censorship, something a lot of us aspire to, certainly myself incleded. Than you for the mention too x x

  3. Congratulations, May, on this incredibly well deserved accolade. Not only is your blog consistently wonderful, you are a kind and sharing person – I am very thankful to you for all the advice you have given me, and giving me the honour of writing my very first sex toy review for your blog! ??

  4. Thank you for your very kind words May. You are my comrade too. I am indebted to you for cheering me on and offering me so much friendly advice and support since November 2017 which was when I wrote my first tentative entry for masturbation monday and entered a photo for sinful sunday. I remember leaving a comment on your sinful sunday photo and getting a reply back. I was thrilled. And you’ve been thrilling me ever since! xx

  5. Congratulations May! You are such a wonderful person and a fabulous supporter of all of us newbies and many other bloggers. I love reading your stories and have truly enjoyed being a part of the memes you help run. ❤️

  6. Congratulations May on so many counts – all your fantastic writing, the writing prompts you share, and how you support fellow bloggers by reading voraciously, commenting positively and sharing actively, but most importantly, how even in this time of personal glory you are looking to share that joy with all your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

    Really proud of you May, keep up the fantastic work and looking forward to seeing you continue to soar.

  7. You have been a true champion for our little blog this year May so thank you for all of your support, your position is very much deserved. We had a chat before the results came out, I said you’d be number 1, littlegem said it would be floss. Next year you’ll have to prove me right.

    1. You guys did well in the list – you have come along way in a short time, for sure. Well deserved too. Funny the pair of u together predicted the 1 and 2 bloggers 😉 x

  8. Dear Lord woman, think of what you are doing! When I opened this post there were 12 sexy images, twelve count] them, including Wellies, I almost had a heart attack. But I recovered and savored some of my favorite May Moore views. To say I was delighted to see your placement in the top 100 would be an understatement, so well-deserved too. Thank you for including me. We have made some very good friends? Real friends. I am thankful for my two transatlantic babes, BFFs forever. Your hard work is evident and it’s nice to see you recognized, May.

  9. Like I said it before you are well deserving of it. You have been a wonderful supportive friend and dedicated in your writing & work.
    We all love and adore you.

    1. My pleasure Marie – you have always been so supportive – and it was you who mentioned to KW that u thought I would be good at running F4T x

  10. I don’t know of anyone not surprised about your ranking in the Sex Bloggers list – except yourself. You put a lot of effort not just in to your own blog, but also the F4Thought meme and SB4MH where I’ve learned just how much you do behind the scenes. On top of that you encourage and promote a lot of other writers.

    Certainly you’ve been a wonderful encourager to me and sometimes you know my past posts better than I do, as evidenced by the link you chose – thank you.

    You’re one of those extraordinary people who are the glue that keeps the community bound together and prepared to give by trying to follow your example.

    Since Floss can’t be #1 next year – go grab it for yourself and make a bunch of people happy for you.


    1. Ah – your blog is such a place I like to go – I am really not a competitive person (re. being number 1) but do have many ideas for next years blogging – one is really fun! x

  11. Wow, number 2 is such an amazing achievement May, and you do indeed work so hard on your blog and within the community at large.

    Because I’ve had lots of absence from the scene this year I didn’t put myself forward for any lists but in last year’s list I was happy to get into the final cut!

    I’m hoping next year I will be able to get into blogging again more. Miss my Twitter chats with blog folks!

    Keep up the awesome writing May (I know you will, it’s in your blood ?).

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