The Curse Reprise

The Curse Reprise

The Curse is re-born for Christmas

In 2018 I was part of the smut marathon for all ten rounds. During that time I wanted to keep my blog going, practice my fiction and also turn in my best possible entry each round in the competition.

I found a solution – The Curse.

The Curse is slightly Taboo. The main character enjoys feasting on menstrual blood.

A character named Eddie came through to me very strongly.  I started to write about his peculiar life and it turned into a bit of a series. I didn’t heavily plot it at the start but one part flowed easily into the next. It ended up with thirteen episodes and at the start I would never have foreseen the ending.

I have to admit to being led a little by my audience. Well, as in when they said they hoped something in particular was going to happen I then made sure the story-line went in the opposite direction. I didn’t want to be predicable.

I finished it completely shortly before the final round of the smut marathon. And was a little glad to see the back of it. Having never written anything so long and elaborate before. But there was always two endings. Part two to thirteen have been taken off my blog and the whole story is now on kindle with slight amendments/edits but now includes the alternative ending.

You can read part one of the curse here on my site. Then if you like it enough click through and support my work by treating yourself to a copy for Christmas or new year. The book contains a lot of sex. Far more that I usually include in my fiction. I made sure that each chapter had quite explicit activity while attempting to maintain strong characters and an intriguing plot.

(USA link to The Curse on kindle Here)

Here is a synopsis:

The Curse is an erotic thriller set in the streets of London in the 21st century. Eddie Cain is no ordinary young man. He has grown up with a unique ability that is both a blessing and a curse. Launching himself on a series of juvenile sexual adventures, his irresistible combination of desire and vulnerability draws him ever deeper into a dark world of lust and obsession. Before long, he and his lovers find themselves at the centre of a criminal investigation that threatens to destroy their lives.

I even include a thank you at the end to the smut marathon and Marie. Without the competition I would never have thought I would be able to complete such an endeavor.

Especially for Sinful Sunday my man and I decided to try and recreate the book cover artwork. We enjoy a challenge. Here is the cover and our recreation.

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And here is the recreation for Sinful Sunday – stand alone.

the curse black and white
Recreation for Sinful Sunday


UK – Check out my first short erotic novel – The Curse by May More – on kindle.

USA  .comThe Curse on kindle Here

I have also been published in two anthologies – they are listed with links in my side bar.

Last Weeks Sinful Sunday

This was my favourite image last week…

Sinful Sunday
wicked wednesday christmas
#395 Christmas

40 thoughts on “The Curse Reprise

  1. I thought The Curse was a fabulous story and will be looking this new rendition up on kindle. I love the way you have recreated the artwork. xx

  2. I love everything about this, your book cover, the fact that you have a book out and your recreation of the cover. So good to see what has come from the Smut Marathon for you!

    Rebel xox

  3. WoW! What a great cover illustration! Fun to see the process. I must rush off to Amazon now, but you say there is sex in the story? I’m not sure my iPad could handle the Explosive Erotica that would ensue. But, I’ll take my chances. Great photo.

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