The Real Thing 2 ~ Lovely Linda in 69

The Real Thing 2 ~ Lovely Linda in 69

Part Two: Back for More of Lovely Linda

So far… Ted is just a man, without a plan! His woman left him, so he tried out a sex toy that acted as a time portal. He travelled back to 1969 and got down and dirty with the Lovely Linda. A second sexy session with her retuned him home, but left him wanting more…

For the next few days my mind was spinning. I was that guy in the movie who time travels and gets shagged en route. Surely I must have been dreaming?

I managed to get on with work and then livened up an otherwise dull weekend just remembering what had happened with…eh… Linda.

How could I forget.

And not mention wondering how that happened with Linda. I’d been playing with a male masturbatory toy one minute, the next I had travelled back in time 40 years and was fucking a sexy petite blonde who — let’s be real — today would be the same age as my mother! Don’t get me wrong, I like the older lady. I’m no spring chicken myself. Gone are the days when sexy college girls look my way. Hang on… I should say — hardly any sexy women look my way.
Now it’s Sunday night and I’m feeling pretty lonely. Eve, my ex, called today wanting some of her books and photos returned. By post. Not, ‘bring them over.’ So I need comfort. Would the toy take me back into the arms of lovely Linda? It’s worth a try. And an orgasm will help me relax. I’m chairing an important meeting tomorrow, and I could use a decent night’s sleep.
Taking it out of my bedside drawer, I lay the sleeve-sex-toy beside me. I need to be hard before it does its magic, so I begin stroking the length of my dick.


Pulling the skin right up and back — over the head until I’m rigid.

I don’t need Eve — maybe… just maybe… I can get to see Linda again.

With that thought I encase my cock with the toy and hit the switch. Shutting my eyes to create more of a sensual mood and envisaging Linda’s cute bod rubbing up alongside me.
Wow! I can’t get over how real it feels. I could swear my dick is being sucked and soothed by a pair of lush, sexy lips.

The juice is building up in my balls and just for a moment I open my eyes, and am stunned and thrilled to see the lovely Linda. On her knees, pert titties jiggling slightly as her head bobs up and down on my dick. Her tongue soothing my swollen knob with each suck of her mouth. She flutters her false eyelashes, seeming to love every second of worshipping my cock, and I start to come, holding her head in place, pushing in deep. Shooting right down her throat.

Then, as my length bounces out of her mouth, I watch her swallow. What a good girl. Eve always hated my jizz and would spit it out every time. I stroke Linda’s hair thinking it’s so cool to see her again.

“Betta to swallow, no mess that way.” She grins and wipes away a dribble from the corner of her mouth onto the front of her cuff.

Looking round I recognise the same small bedsit where I landed last time I used the toy. She disappears to the bathroom, returning in a frilly nightie that looks like it’s made of a scratchie, red nylon and jumps into bed. I lay down beside her. I have to make sure I am home in time for work tomorrow. And for that to happen, I need to ejaculate. But I get the impression Linda is quite a rampant woman, so no doubt a morning encore will be on the cards. My mind drifts and soon I fall asleep with Linda’s head on my shoulder.

I awake to a shrill voice. Looking over the other side of the bedsit I see Linda fully dressed, bag in hand and about to walk out the door.

“I’m on the early shift Ted. No rush for you to leave. See-ya later.”

With a wave of her hand she’s gone.

For a brief moment I lay still, relaxed by the familiar feeling of morning wood, thinking things could be worse. But then I panic, remembering time does not seem to stand still while I’m here. It will be morning in real time, 2010. I need to get back. What I mean is, I must travel forward. If I miss that meeting, there will be all hell to pay.

I make a quick visit to the bathroom and ponder my predicament. If I have a wank that may be good enough to do the trick. It seems the orgasm is the time-trigger, so I recline in the only easy chair in the pad and start stroking my dick.

Closing my eyes, I think of the night before and Linda’s soft lips knowingly sucking all the juice out of me. Yep. That does the trick. I pump my shaft, making sure to tease the end with my thumb on each motion. I’m so nearly there when, for the second time today, a voice propels me back into this strange new here and now of mine…

“Coo-eee Linda. It’s only me, Julie. Come for the rent. Don’t get up, I’ve got my key…”

The lock turns and before I even have the chance to move my hand, let alone hide my modesty, the door is flung open and there is — Julie — standing in front of me.

Her wide eyes settle on my cock. The tip of her tongue grazes her top lip.

“Oh my. What have we here?” She giggles.

“Ted. I’m Ted. Linda’s… em friend?”

I’m still hard. The strangeness of the situation pumps adrenaline into my veins and my pulse quickens.

Julie stands her ground. She’s a little older than Linda. Probably about forty. Her hair is up in a turban-type scarf, and she’s wrapped in one of those lurid house coats that were so popular back then. Well she would, wouldn’t she? After all, it is 1969.

I manage to compose myself long enough to start rising out of the chair but she stalls me.

“Oh no big boy. You stay exactly where you are.”

Julie’s eyes are still fixed on my crotch, and I can hardly believe it as slowly, starting at the top, she begins undoing the buttons of her yellow, flowery house coat. When she gets to the bottom, the garment falls from her shoulders. Exposing her nakedness. Large breasts, a neat waist and an extremely hairy muff. The sight pushes me back into the chair and makes my cock spasm as she walks towards me, boobs swaying.

Plonking herself on the arm of the chair she brazenly reaches down for my cock.

“What a nice surprise,” she mewls, expectantly.

Almost involuntarily, I grab her breasts, weighing them in my hands before taking a nipple in my mouth and suckling as if my life depends on it…

To be continued… One day…

Header image of Lovely Linda is from the free public domain.

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  1. Poor Ted. Maybe Julie can get him back in time. And if not, there are certainly worse things than being trapped in 1969….

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