Three’s Company: Lust in a Hot Climate #4

Three’s Company: Lust in a Hot Climate #4

In Part One and Part Two we learned that Dan decided to ditch his studies and the UK. He helps out Mr and Mrs Jock at their bar in Magaluf. And Jock is happy for Dan to also shag his foxy 50 something wife. In the last episode Dan’s sex life takes a different turn when he hooks up with a young Spanish babe who is very happy for him to enter via the back door 🙂Here’s the final part – three’s Company.

Each can be read as standalone stories.

Three’s Company

I could see no reason why I shouldn’t go back to the cafe, give Maria a few more, eh – ‘English lessons’ perhaps. So I did. Our butt fucking continued on a regular basis over the next few weeks, and my life took on a routine. By day I’d help out at Jock’s Place. Late afternoon at the beach, supper at the taverna and finish up fucking the arse off the owner’s daughter. I was more than happy to continue in this manner. Maria was affectionate and bloody beautiful to behold. Although I must say I did spend a lot of time looking at the back of her head as I rode her arse, slapping the cheeks to make sure she knew who was boss.

Out of the blue, my old sixth form collage friend, Toby, came to visit for a week. We’d had a blast during our final year of A-levels dating twins, who both happened to be very hot student nurses. Do you know how randy nurses are? I was dating Catherine and he was seeing Corinne. Apparently their Mother had decided to christen them with the same initials so she would only ever have to deal with one set of ID tags on their school uniform. Seeing as they were identical, from the shade of their flaming red hair right down to the shape of their toes, I think she was wise. Saved a bit of money over the years as the girls shared the same clothes. When we met them, they’d carried on that tradition with their nurse’s uniform.

Toby and I worked out if the four of us went around together — to his house, or mine — our parents seemed happy for us to hot tail up to our bedrooms, with the girls in tow. They assumed there was safety in numbers, and we wouldn’t be taking advantage of the twins. How wrong they were.

Let’s just say the twins liked doing everything together and many a time we would turn the music up high, lay the girls down, side-by-side, and move in for a quick shag before any adults disturbed us. None of us could afford to be shy. And to be honest, I was never really sure if I was poking Catherine or Corinne as they wore the same clothes out socially too.

Toby arrived in Magaluf and got himself a room on the quiet side of town. I arranged to meet him at the taverna with no doubt in my mind the pair of us would have some fun while he was here.

I was a little late arriving as my shift at Jock’s Place had been unusually busy. As I strolled up to the café it was obvious Maria was making sure Toby felt right at home. Personally tending his table. Her tits looking like they were about to tumble out of her blouse each time she bent down to chat to him, or pour another glass of wine. I took in the scene as I weaved between the tables to take a seat.

After happily greeting me, he exclaimed, “She’s something else. You lucky bugger.”

When Maria’s shift was over she joined us at the table and it was clear she liked Toby. Although when we walked back to his room, with a couple of bottles later that evening, it was my hand she held.

We put some music on and after a little wine all loosened up and told Maria a few of our boys tales from the past. I’m not really sure how much she took in but she giggled in all the right places.

Toby mentioned about the time we went to a Soho strip club. Maria understood that story alright, and in moments she was on her feet moving in time to the music. Her long black hair swaying in front of her face as she slowly began to undo the buttons on her blouse. Ripe tits pushing against the red lace of her bra. Then, turning her back, she wriggled her hips as with one pull she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Her matching panties looked like a second skin. With purpose, she walked over to me, kneeling between my legs. I leaned forward and lowered her bra straps. She swiftly unbuttoned the fly on my jeans, her nipples grazing my thighs while my cock came out to meet her sweet lips.

I was hard as fuck from watching her strip, so grabbing her hair I steered her head up and down on my dick. With each suck she wriggled her pert arse. Then briefly she turned her head, and looking over at Toby, she mouthed for him to join us.

He’d heard about my experience with her so was not going to make the same mistake I had and try to fuck her cunt. Without needing a second invitation, he positioned himself behind her, yanked down her knickers and applied plenty of moisture to her butt hole before sinking in up to his balls.

Holding her hips, he pounded her like he hadn’t fucked in a year. With each pump he pushed her forward and I impaled her throat with my cock. The action seemed to be happening to the rhythm of the music and I can’t be sure, but it seemed as if Toby and I filled her up within seconds of each other.

Afterwards, we all jumped into Toby’s bed and made sure to thank Maria long into the night. Let’s just say by the time she ran back to the taverna, a little before day break, the three of us were exhausted.

Toby’s time with us sailed along on waves of sexual delight and laughter. In no time he was heading back to England.

The following week I didn’t see so much of Maria. I realised the infatuation was wearing off slightly. But when I popped by for supper one evening her father joined us at the table. He poured some large sambuccas and chatted about my education and work at the bar. It was clear he thought it was a summer job and I would return to the UK when the season finished. I nodded, not wanting to stop the shots coming my way.

I was knocking them back as fast as he refilled my glass, until my head was spinning. What a night, I thought to myself. Maria’s old man likes me. He must have guessed I had been fucking his daughter senseless as often as I could, yet he was being more than hospitable. I smiled, made small talk and was just about to smile again when a word tripped up my grin — what was that he just mentioned? Marriage? It landed with the impact of a cold shower. My nod turned into a shake, the smirk into a scowl, and standing I hastily made my getaway.

The next morning I lay in bed — alone — realising what a close escape I’d had and thinking thank goodness there was absolutely no chance that Maria was pregnant!

I didn’t see her again to talk to. Sometimes I caught sight of her around town. Usually with a chap — a holidaymaker. But, getting married was way off my radar. Not something I would even be thinking about for another ten years. I had no desire to have children. My own parents split up when I was nine, and my older brother and I seemed to be used as pawns in their constant bickering and embittered interactions. No, as far as I was concerned, having a wife and family was out of the question.

I soon returned to enjoying the fruits Judy had on offer. And I really appreciated her skill and experience where sex was concerned. I thought about Maria’s mum. A grumpy woman who mostly wore a frown. She was a similar age to Judy, but her attitude meant she had zero appeal. They do say daughters end up like their mothers. As Mrs Jock appeared in my room wanting some action, foxy in a tight pencil skirt and camisole, I knew I made a good call saying – adios – to Maria.

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