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Tied Up ~ A Short Erotic Story

Every day on my way to the office I pass the City University and am not just reminded of how my degree enabled me to to be hired for the well payed position I hold at the Merchant bank. No. My cunt never fails to summon me back to a memory from the end of my first year. Just thinking about it dampens my panties and colours my mind.


It was the summer semester and the money from my student loan and bursary was running low. I’d secured a job over the holiday break but still had to pay my way through another couple of weeks. One evening I was sitting in the union bar nursing my half lager when I got chatting to another girl I vaguely recognised from our halls of residence. Her name was Viv and she was studying fine art. As she handed me another drink she explained I could earn a bit of extra cash being a life-model. Obviously Viv knew all about that and apparently the department was always short of models. Seemed like a plan. What could be easier I wondered.

I turned up the following evening at the allotted time. Viv greeted me and introduced me to the tutor Craig. I smiled, sat down and wondered how long it would be until the other students arrived. There seemed no point in taking my clothes off too early. I can’t say the art room was particularly warm even for June.

Viv and her tutor were in the corner talking quietly and seemed very… shall we say, familiar with each other. He was twirling one of her long auburn curls around his fore finger and looking intently into her overly green eyes. Obviously wearing cosmetic contacts I thought, while postulating that receiving such admiring attention from her teacher surely meant Viv was on target to be awarded honours… where her degree was concerned.

“OK Jess, time to begin. If we could have you naked on the chair by the wall. That will be great.” Craig stated.

“Em, we seem to be a little low on students?” I questioned.

“Well. It’s like this. I’m the student. You’re the model and Craig, well he’s the photographer. That’s it. You still get paid. But this is a… personal project.” Viv smiled sweetly and started to undress.

“Hang…. on. I thought I was the model?” I questioned folding my arms in protest.

It was then that Craig explained. He was going to take photos of me — and Viv together — naked, which she would use to create life drawings at a later date. To normalise this whole situation he began to erect his tripod and adjust the lighting.

Momentarily I thought about walking away. But the money was good. I had thought it was too good. Now I knew why.

Whilst I was pondering Viv had been stripping and was practically bare, with only her panties to remove. That didn’t take long and I realised her hair colour was as fake as the shade of her iris. However, she looked amazing. Her long legs, taut physique and pert titties contrasted with my curvy, homely frame.

She walked over and without a by your leave started undoing the buttons on my blouse.

“You’re lagging behind… This OK?” She inquired.

I was about to tell her I’d been undressing myself since I was four years old but the reaction of my slit getting slicker meant sex overruled my head.

“Mm-hm. It’s fine.” I mumbled.

Craig’s tripod was now vertical. I could hear the shutter from the camera clicking away and something stirred deep within. I’m normally quite reserved but seeing him look down the lens at me and Viv lick her lips as my boobs looked likely to topple out of my slightly too small (before I’d taken to eating Pizza every week) bra — I began to shake my blonde bob back over my shoulders and shimmy my hips as I stepped out of my jeans. All the while my panties getting damper. In fact by the time Viv hooked her thumbs into the elastic and pulled them down we could both smell my arousal.

I sat on the chair as instructed. Crossing my legs and looking demure. Viv stood behind. Hands positioned, one over each of my breasts. We both were poised and posed. It seemed fun. However, I was slightly concerned about the stain my cunt may be leaving on the dark velvet cushion of the chair, but tried to put that to the back of my mind.

Then Craig asked if I’d like to double my money. Viv was casually brushing a thumb over my left nipple so I stammered, “What did you have in mind?”

Some rather cool hemp rope appeared from Craig s bag. He tossed the hogties over to Viv who caught them expertly with her right hand while still giving attention to my nipple with her left.

“I’m just going to secure your legs and wrists to the chair. Nothing to worry about,” she simpered while kneeling and tying my ankles.

Nothing to worry about. I repeated in my head while my core leaked more of my desire onto the the seat.

Craig got me to affirm what he already knew I would do — consent. But by this time Viv had also secured my arms, so it seemed a little late in the day to refuse.

She then produced a suede flogger and began to lightly thrash the top of my thighs and my belly. I had never been involved in any kind of bondage before. Not even one-to-one in a private setting, but nevertheless found myself shouting,

“Harder, faster… MORE!” Very loudly.

Craig clicked, Viv whacked, and I moaned – until without any warning I started to climax, my plump cunt lips rubbing on the material of the chair each time the flogger met my skin.

The session finished soon after. I got dressed. Took my money. Shook their hands and never saw Viv again. The following year I was in a work placement and by the time I returned she’d graduated, hooked up with some rich toff and was on a round-the-world trip.

I did peep into the art studio once or twice and it seemed Craig was always staring into the eyes of a gorgeous new prodigy. Some people just seem to get stuck in a loop.


There you have it. The story of why walking past the University always makes me a little hot. And if you are wondering about my current leisure activities, well, I lead a busy life and when at home with my girlfriend I’m mostly too tied up to discuss such matters.

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    1. Thanks Mrs K – I wrote this as a sponsored post for a company with bondage equipment and they said – “its great – we love it – but we asked for a non fiction article” lol! My head is often somewhere else! x

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