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Tell it like it is on TMI Tuesday 4th April 2017

TMI Tuesday – Tell It Like It Is.

TMI Tuesday – Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.

Sex is _____ .

Sex is vital to my life. When I was younger I had problems with sex as I found it difficult to face up to what kind of sex I like. From the moment I did I felt more fulfilled and true to myself. Having regular sex helps keep you happy, healthy and strengthens your relationship with your partner. To achieve a good sex life – communication is key…

Love is _____ .

Love is like a butterfly! It takes on many forms. You can love a friend, child and partner all in different ways. Being “in love” can cause people to be somewhat obsessive with their muse but it is important for procreation.

Money is _____ .

Money is not real. Banks loan out more than they hold in reserve because they create money. Money is fake and I wish we didn’t need it in the world…

Power is _____ .

Power is control and can be put to use in every walk of life – relationships, religion, work, sex and many more.

Life is _____ .

Life is for living. Never forget that life should be appreciated and enjoyed but never taken for granted. You should try not to have any regrets in life, as all experiences can teach you valuable things about yourself and the way you live your life…

Bonus: Food is _____ .

Food is a way to create. I love to cook from scratch and create tasty but healthy food. Food should be enjoyed not just eaten. Meal times should be an occasion or people to come together and appreciate good food and company. It should be one of the highlights of the day. Good food is better enjoyed with those you care about. No TV or phones allowed.

7 thoughts on “Tell it like it is on TMI Tuesday 4th April 2017”

  1. Your answer to love is absolutely perfect. I think I said close to the same thing in my answers. I feel the same way about food. I love cooking for friends (and lately the boyfriend).

  2. You make a good point about money being a construct of the banks and the federal reserve system. Not many people understand how the system really works – the reserve banks just print more money when they need it and banks simply issue debt when they want to. [It’s more complicated but that’s the simple explanation]. The amount of money/currency in circulation used to represent actual gold reserves but that system is long gone.

    1. Oh my goodness – I know all that – I’m a sex-blog so don’t go into the serious side of life too much – glad you know too

  3. First, great photo. For me it depicts–power, love, sex, and life.

    Had more to say but I typed in a txt file to cut and paste as I learned long ago not to type directly in response box. I lost a lot of reply comments that way.

    Anyway, this comment box will not allow me to “paste” my response. 🙁
    I will respond at


    1. Thank you – I love the photo too. My man took it last year during one of our date nights. Sorry about the cut and paste problem – got a “cannot copy” plugin running – stop people stealing photos x

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