2018 Top of the Blogs and More from May

Here is my take on the Top 100 sex bloggers list.

  • I have an inspirational summit of 6 blogs.
  • A top of the blogs 40.
  • Some newbies and
  • My never forgets…

Last year was my first complete year of blogging. I was more than happy to come in at number 51 on Molly’s 2017 Top 100 Sex bloggers.

This year I was amazed and very proud to find my self at number 8.

Molly and Michael work mighty hard to check 100’s of blogs at the end of each year to make up the list. With the spotlight on censorship, I think such an index is invaluable to others starting out in the sex-blogging arena or for those simply looking for a resource providing some excellent reading.

For me, there are some blogs that are simply inspirational, not to mention irresistible and I wanted to put them in a stand-alone section.

Summit of my list ~ The Inspiring and Admiring

Molly Moore ~ has such a dynamic personality and giving nature. She works on many different projects. KOTW, Sinful Sunday, Elust, Pussy Pride and I am sure there are more. These memes help the blogging community in many different ways. Not only that her own blog has amazing photography and excellent writing. She is simply a powerhouse. I also want to say thanks to Michael who not only helps her with techie stuff, but also loads of us too.

Kayla Lords ~ has her own blog, hosts Masturbation Monday, provides invaluable information to bloggers on the smutlancer and Loving BDSM. Along with her fab husband, John Brownstone, we are treated to excellent podcast entertainment. It is not surprising she was number 1 sex-blogger last year.

Marie Rebel ~ is this years number 1 sex-blogger and I never doubted she would be. Hosting Wicked Wednesday and running the year-long Smut Marathon as well as dealing with all manner of issues and erotic content on her own blog.

Girl on the Net ~ well it was her blog that initially inspired me to start my own a few years ago. She provides us with some brilliantly entertaining and informative posts and the quality of her writing always impresses me.

Sassy Cat ~ Cat is always an inspiration so is right at the pinnacle of my list with the others in this section. Her photographs are creative and so darn sexy. Her writing makes me think and I admire her tireless effort to put mental health issues in the spotlight.

Julie ~ writes as Masters Pleasing Bitch. I had the pleasure of chatting with her earlier this year so began to follow her blog closely. She has impressed and inspired me no end with her candid posts regarding her illness and her general attitude toward life and living.

Top of the Blogs Top 40

So moving on from the lofty heights I decided to use Molly’s ranking for the other blogs, as she has already done the hard work of checking out not just the content but the design of all the blogs too.  So, my Top of the Blogs Top 40 below follows the order they appeared in her Top 100 list, but I have only included those I like and in some way have interacted with over the year.

  1. Floss Does Life ~ I have got to know Floss this year and she is simply a delight. Her blog has something for everyone.
  2. Temperatures Rising ~ This lady in an incredible wordsmith and can make anything sound interesting or sexy.
  3. Scandarella ~ Ella writes the most amazing stories. When I read them it’s like watching a movie. So vivid and brilliantly crafted.
  4. By Aurora Glory ~ Aurora tackles many different things from reviews to serious issues and occasionally, if we are lucky, she treats us to a sexy piece of fiction.
  5. Little Switch Bitch ~ Fabulously well-written reviews and if you want to see some sensual and sexy photos look no further.
  6. Candy Snatch ~ Candy reviews so many different sexy products, not only that she can pen an erotic tale or two.
  7. Cara Thereon ~ If you want to read the erotic, the thrilling the thought-provoking, then this is the site for you. Simply a brilliant writer.
  8. Brigit Writes ~ Brigit has had a stressful year but has still managed to write some top-notch fiction.
  9. Submissy ~ What not to like about Missy and her site? Great true life narratives. Important information for new kinksters, very sexy photography, and a sprinkling of fiction.
  10. The Other Livvy ~ This lady can write about anything well. Her photography is just gorgeous.
  11. Tabitha Rayne ~ Tabitha is such a wonderful, hardworking creative individual – the creator of the Ruby Glow.
  12. Miss Scarlet Writes ~ I can’t tell you how much I like this woman and her site. If you are not familiar get over there.
  13. Teachers Have Sex ~ Jo writes brilliantly. I love her stories but I really love to read about her and the Engineer 😉
  14. Exposing 40 ~ Her site is full of the most amazing photography but also very interesting posts.
  15. Innocent Loverboy ~ ILB has been blogging for nearly 12 years What a achievement. His posts are witty and vanilla.
  16. Joanne’s Sex Machine ~ Joanne’s site reviews fucking machines. Wow, I know. Plus some informative posts and a great advice area.
  17. Wriggly Kitty ~ An extremely honest look at her life.
  18. A to sub Bee ~ Bee writes many fab non-fiction posts. Her photos are excellent, often quite unique.
  19. Modesty Ablaze ~ This woman has the greatest attitude to life. Each week her blog brings a smile to my face. A talent indeed.
  20. Forbidden Writings @Charlton_Tod ~ this man is a real gentleman and writes some wonderfully naughty stuff.
  21. Kilted Wookie – The Zen Nudist ~ It was KW hot photos that initially inspired me to get involved in SS. Each year he creates a new naughty list. I am very happy to have his 2017 badge in my sidebar.
  22. Cleareyedgirl ~ is beautiful and giving. Her photos and writing are both so creative.
  23. Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole ~ LB has a marvellous attitude to life and this comes across on her blog.
  24. Isabelle Lauren ~ is a great blogger and erotic writer. I miss her work when she is busy with other things.
  25. Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines ~ His stories and spanking photos are naughty and so hot!
  26. Midnight at the Oasis ~ Indie is such a talent in many different ways. Her blog showcases this.
  27. Love, Violet ~ for me Violet’s stories were some of the most stand out of all in the Smut Marathon.
  28. HisLordshipUK ~ writes in an intelligent engaging manner.
  29. Pieces of Jade ~ Jade is the creator of the scavenger hunt which I so want to get involved in. Really a fan of her blog.
  30. Eros Blog ~ Eros had been blogging since 2002. His site is informative and very entertaining.
  31. Miss Jezebella ~ has a little bit of everything on her site and often shares mental health topics.
  32. Asrai Devin ~ If you want sensual erotica this is the site to go to. Hot tales and series for you to read.
  33. Life of Elliot  ~ Elliott is a favourite of mine. He provides constant support in the community. His photos are quite well-known and his blog has been expanding lately to include quite a few naughty guests.
  34. Lascivious Lucy ~ Lucy takes an erotic idea and spins it into a sexy supernatural tale. She is very good at it too.
  35. Helen’s Toybox ~ Bianca is a blind sex blogger and her great site covers many different topics and thoughts as well as some reviews
  36. Books1799 ~ CP has delighted so many with his unique style of writing. He writes with an underlying sense of humour which I love. We have been known to collaborate 😉
  37. Pillow Talk ~ Charming Posy is quite well known for her fab interviews with other sex bloggers and if you want erotica that is full of the sexy stuff then pop on over to her blog.
  38. RisqueViews ~ is full of great reviews and views on adult topics.
  39. My Sex Life with Lola ~ This was one of the first blogs I found a few years ago. There are some fascinating reads. They are not on Twitter so I recommend you pop on over to their site
  40. Krystle In Bed ~ Krystle posts such fun sexy images. They always make me smile.

There were many blogs on Molly’s list that I didn’t know but I shall certainly be checking them out in 2019.

New Blogs

There are so many excellent new blogs popping up all the time. Molly showcased a few of them in her new voice list. I agree with her choices but would like to add a couple of my own.

  • Melody ~ the more I read from this site the more I want to explore. Intelligent and informative blog.
  • Beatrix ~ the Pink Seam. She is the queen of flash fiction.
  • Nikki ~ A very new sex blogger who has caught my attention.
  • Sister in Smut ~ there are 9 of them and some were included in Molly’s main list but I wanted to put them here because their joint site is quite new. Each of them are incredible erotic writers.

Because I Never Forget

  • This year we lost a gorgeous, talented and honest blogger – M – her site still puts out the occasional scheduled post. So if I was you I would go over there and check out her archives too.
  • Malflic is silent for now – since M’s death. I miss his entertaining and outspoken posts. Though thankfully we can still read Lord Ravens stories. Now on his own site.
  • Nero, Pete & Sweendirty ~ were the first supporters of my blog. They each have their own unique mixture on their sites.

Sometimes new bloggers wonder why they are not getting much interaction from others. I would say join in with the community memes and make an effort to comment on a few blogs each day. If you come to mine I will always check out your site. These two bloggers, not on the main list, always make an effort to share other’s work.

  • Ria ~ This woman can write! Her stories are just so sexy and readable.  She always checks other writers and shares their work.
  • Shelly ~ I met her while doing the Summer 100 Challenge and am so glad I did. Tremendously generous blogger. I very much appreciate her.
Many thanks to the sponsors ~ Chaturbate

30 thoughts on “2018 Top of the Blogs and More from May”

  1. Aw I can’t believe I missed this! I just saw it linked through Marie’s list. Thank you so, so much May. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday xx

  2. I am so sorry for my late reply on this. I seem to keep on running out of time to read and comment. Thank you so much for putting me on your list too, May. Thank you for your words too, and for who you are <3

    Rebel xox

  3. Thank you so much for including me and for your lovely words. Thank you also for your support, encouragement and friendship. You’re a star

  4. Thanks for thinking of me and I’m hopeful next year I have the time to invest in my blog. I love to write, and want to help others. Your work is amazing, and your work is incredible 🙂

  5. Thanks May I really do appreciate the mention and in such excellent company too!
    I’m still struggling to work on the blog with so much else going on but I do appreciate your ongoing support.
    Xxx ?

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of work, May. Very thoughtful comments on some of my favorite sex bloggers. Glad I made the cut, and it’s always a treat to see those sexy Wellies.

  7. This is truly flattering, May! I don’t even consider myself a gentleman most days. I’m honored to be on this list and to be among such great company. Thank you!! xoxox

  8. Thank you so much for including me in your list, lovely. I really appreciate the kind words Xx ??

  9. Thank you so much for your kind words May. I am humbled to be included with such an amazing group of bloggers. Thank you for always visiting and commenting and for sending people to visit me and others. You are an inspiration to the sex blogging community. Sending you hugs and much love xxx

    1. Sometimes it is what a person does not say that impresses me – the times they bring their inner strength into play and really focus on the important – Wish you all the wishes 😉 xx

  10. Nothing really that I can add that hasn’t already been said here.

    Thank you for including me in your filthy 40; it’s a wonderful crowd to be part of.


  11. A lovely post to have your own list of favourites May! This community is so inspiring and I like reading others posts and seeing their images too. Some fabulous creatives here! Thank you also for listing my blog in your top 40 ?

    1. Thanks Cara – I have loved being involved with you in the Smut M over the last year – you are a pleasure to know x

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