Top of the Bottoms & Keeping Fit

Top of the Bottoms & Keeping Fit

Recently I asked for people to link their bums to my tweet on Twitter. I thought it may cheer up our time lines. And it did just that. Thrilled to see the guys joining in too.

The Top of the Bottoms Gallery

In the tweet I mentioned I would make a collage with them and here you have it – first as a gallery and then in one single image…

By clicking on the image you can see an enlarged version and scroll through the gallery at your leisure.


By hovering over an image you will find out who owns which bottom and the image copyright. They are identified by their Twitter handle. Perhaps follow them on Twitter…

And here is a complete collage of all the images in case you want to download it.

Top of the bottoms
Top of the Bottoms

This image is linked to the Fun Theme Photo Meme – please scroll down to read my post about exercise at home for – The Health of it meme.

fun theme photo meme bottoms
Top of the bottoms

Keeping fit and healthy when staying at home


I expect some of the people in the images used to go to the gym or exercised in some to keep a trim bum but also to assist with their mental health. It is known that exercise increases endorphins which helps balance our feelings of well being. This in turn can increase individual self esteem.

Before the lockdown I didn’t really have a formal exercise plan but I did exercise everyday. Mainly my work provided me with all the exercise my body needed. I worked in the country side. Which involved long walks and some amount of physical labour too. All this contributed to keeping my body, mind and soul happy and healthy. I can not tell you how much I miss my life that was.

When all that stopped I did attempt to exercise indoors. I have done this before when I wounded my knee.

I started off by including some leg exercises, arm stretches and some light weights too. However, I think I went at the task a little too enthusiastically as I pulled a muscle around my clavicle and then my breast bone!


I decided I needed to rethink.  To be honest I am still thinking what would be the best way forward here. But for them moment I am leaving the weights alone. Instead, I take a swift walk. That way I get some much needed daylight too.

Each day at about 3pm I go out for about an hour. I feel loads better after. The lockdown enables us to take some daily exercise so I may as well make the most of it while I can. Who knows what restraints may be enforced in the future. I am not being flippant here. This is a very uncertain time for us all.

I will finish by saying I think it is of paramount importance that everyone who is able exercises daily in some way. We must remain physically and mentally strong to tackle the future.

So get that bum working – lets all be top of the bottoms!


I don’t really have much to say here as we cook from scratch so most of our meals are relatively healthy although I am drinking far to much wine and have started eating biscuits! I keep telling myself this will have to stop but then I think – what the fuck – I have got to have some enjoyment in the present crazy world…

top of the bottoms
Exercise at home


17 thoughts on “Top of the Bottoms & Keeping Fit

  1. This is awesome May. I love butts, which feels weird to say LOL, but this made me smile on both the days you were getting people to post their bums, the day you uploaded this and today, now that I’m finally taking my time to have a proper look at it.

  2. What a beautiful collage, I too missed the call. Walking is definitely best for me too. Not just for physical exercise but for my mental health too.

  3. Smashing May! Loads of fun and very skilfully put together. I feel honoured to be in your gallery of behinds!”
    This is where you rise above – innovation my friend.

  4. Well that is a fine collection of bums!! If I were a twitter guy I would have taken part.
    You talk about the importance of physical activity. Don’t forget that moderate consistent exercise enhances our immune systems. Also avoiding processed food and sugar will enhance our immune systems. In this day, that might be critical. Stay well!

    1. We are on the same page. As i say Michael we cook from scratch and i believe that we need to keep out all additives of any kind to keep immunity strong – u still well too – and your Queen 😉

  5. Fun seeing all of the bottoms, May. You even got SassyCat, I’m impressed. I didn’t think people would be interested in seeing mine, but let me know when you want to do fronts.

    1. lol – I was pleased to get Cat’s – i did an open call on twitter and these are the ones who linked with a bottom – if i do fronts i will be sure to dm u!!!

      1. I must have missed the call, but it looks like you collected a fair few.

        I’d taken to running outside once a week before things stopped, but found the anxiety and allergy combo made that tough. I started doing a lot of HIIT and body weight stuff lately that gave really helped my mental health a lot.

        1. The fact that I pulled muscles did alert me to the fact my legs are in much better shape than my arms but until we have a little more freedom I don’t really have the urge to address it. Although i know i should. I would have loved your bum in the collage- u have a terrific bottom Cara!

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