Truth or Dare ~ Flash Part 2

Truth or Dare ~ Flash Part 2

This story begins here. Gen and her friends are playing truth and dare. Gen lied so her dare is to go and kiss the old man from across the street. Now on to the next bit – Truth or Dare…

Truth or Dare

As I went to walk out the room in just my underwear Anne grabbed my checked, knee length tweed and threw it at me.

“For goodness sake Gen. The last thing we want is Mr Roberts having a heart attack.” She said smirking.

“Ha! Fooled you again. As if I would go out in this weather without my coat.” I felt a little tipsy.

“Anne and I will think of a new dare for you. I will tell you now, Mr Roberts rarely opens the door. He just peeps through one of those spy holes. Unless, of course, you are the Tesco delivery man.” Jane stated. And she should know living opposite the old guy.

“Have faith.” I wrapped my coat around as tight as I could but my cleavage was still on display.

“When Mr Roberts eyes these beauties I assure you he’ll open the door.” I glance down at the top of my plump boobs.

dare to show your cleavage Truth or dare

“OK. OK. We’ll be watching you fail from the bedroom window.” Anne marched over and opened the curtains slightly.

I took the stairs two at a time and left the front door on the latch. As I crossed the road I looked up at the window and gave them the finger, then flashed my arse for good measure.

Wanting to get this over and done with I charged up the pathway to number 11 and firmly knocked on Mr Roberts door, doing a little dance for the girls benefit.

It did not surprise me at all when the old guy opened the door and puts out his hand to me.

“Goodness Genevieve. You are a sight for an old man’s eyes.”

Reaching out I hold his hand in both of mine. “You’re not old. Must be about 73 if my maths is still as hot as when you were my headmaster.” I beamed at him. He’d been my favourite teacher.

I knew he wouldn’t forget me even though it had been thirteen years since I left school. I spent quite a bit of time in his office receiving detention slips for my misdemeanours.

Suddenly I remembered the kiss and still holding his hand I leaned forward and planted one on his cheek.

Mr Roberts looked at my cleavage, smiled and said, “I see you haven’t changed at all. Still not wearing enough clothes. You will catch your death you know. Come on into the warm I have someone I want you to meet.”

I couldn’t say no. He wouldn’t let go and practically dragged me into his narrow hallway. What would the girls think? The three us us worked at the same company. They had no idea where I’d been to school let alone who my headmaster had been!

To be continued

This continuation was inspired by a comment from Mrs Fever. Let me explain. The first part of this tale was actually written as a stand alone flash fiction story. However, Mrs Fever left this comment on the story:

Haha! Will Mr Roberts be in?

I hope she prance next door in nothing but her panties.

Mrs Fever

And due to her short message I was inspired to write this episode and so far two others as well. Find the whole series here…

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    1. Thanks gem – i am having fun with this story and that’s a good thing – sometimes writing erotica gets a bit less fun!! So doing something like this reminds me why i write x

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