Twenty Nine Teen Stats and Stuff

2019 is now in the past.  You can’t recover wasted time so let’s all make the most of 2020. But first here is my look at twenty nine teen…

I am not going to reflect month by month because I have already done that throughout the year.  But I will be looking at my most viewed work from 2019. Using the NINE theme. And delving into blogging stuff too.

Twenty Nine Teen


Since I started blogging I have put together a collage of my nine most popular images each year. You can view nine from 2017 and from 2018. So today I will start with my nine from 2019. These are not shown in any order.

Some of my own personal faves were published later in the year so didn’t manage to statistically land up here.

Twenty nine teen images

Writing from 2019

These are shown in order – most read being number 1.

  1. Come Outside ~ Date-night, or should I say date-day sexual frolics involving my man and me.
  2. Love in the Dunes ~ A short romantic story inspired by the gorgeous image of Tom.
  3. Spank me Red ~ More  true-life sexy fun with Mr More and me. Not to mention my bum figuring heavily.
  4. Smile for the Camera ~ So happy to see this in my top nine. I am really proud of this dark mystery story.
  5. Taboo ~ Golden and Illegal ~ An article I wrote for Food For Thought discussing taboo things in my life. I received some not so nice comments after I wrote it.
  6. Sixty nine Steps ~ An amusing flash story using mainly dialogue. Very hot content too.
  7. The Fear Factor ~ A very dark, non-consensual story. Tread carefully.
  8. Twisted. Into the Woods ~ Another dark piece of my fiction about Lana and her family.  This also carries a warning.
  9. Catch the Catcher ~ No sex in this one. This is my favourite of all the tales on Sex Matters.

Writing Pre 2019

My older work gets quite a bit of attention. The top nine from my archives, most read being number 1.

  1. Censorship by Default ~ I wrote this a few years ago and if continues to get a lot of hits.
  2. Why should we call ourselves Sinners? ~ This was my first proper bit of fiction since I was a teenager. Cousin Pons collaborated and wrote the same tale from the priests POV.
  3. Bondage Alfresco style ~ Extremely hot outside sexy fun. Date night style.
  4. Naked Truth Exposed ~ All about how my man shaves my cunt and how this ritual first started.
  5. Going Commando ~ A surprise success from a few years ago. All about my man not wearing underwear.
  6. Time. Looking Back ~ Incest. A families history of incest going back a few generations.
  7. Church Smells… Fornication ~ Me and my man doing unspeakable acts in a church setting.
  8. Eloise. Under my Skin ~ The first part of a fictionalised tale. I had a lot of fun writing this in 2018.
  9. Living with Chronic Lyme Disease ~ An article about Lyme and how my man and I cope with him having the disease. I wrote more on this subject in 2019.

Guests and Sponsored work ~ Top Nine

I host guests on a regular basis. Some are blogging friends and some are sponsored posts ~ most read being number 1.

  1. Sexting the City ~ Free Sexting Sites sponsored me to write this delightful story. It is sexy, romantic and got a lot of views.
  2. Observing a Sex Blogger or Two ~ Mr More only penned this a few month ago so it is great to see it in this section at number 2.  It was a featured pick in Elust.
  3. A Rocket in your Pocket ~ Sponsored by Scarlet Rooms my sex toy review from September went down a storm.
  4. Anal Sex, do it right ~ This article was written and sponsored by Hustler Hollywood. All about how you need to take care when having anal sex.
  5. Blow by Blow Account of an LA girl ~ Written and sponsored by Red street who also have a fab blog. I have to say the guy I dealt with was just great!
  6. The Secret Joys of Male Sex Toys ~ I wrote this sponsored post for The Mens Toy Hub.  Elliott Henry kindly provided me with some images and an interview.
  7. Dancing Dirty with the Zumio X ~ I only wrote this toy review a month ago and it has proved very popular. Sponsored by the great guys at Zumio,
  8. Hungry for the Petting Hippo ~ Jupiter Grant wrote me an amazing guest review for this sex toy from Satisfyer.
  9. Showtime with the Siren ~ My review for Svakom was also sponsored by them. I had a lot of sexy alone time fun with this toy. Which is now one of the favourite sex toys I own.

Blogging Thank Yous for Twenty Nine teen

In no particular order.

  1. SubMissy ~ For working with me to produce this article about the submissive lifestyle for Frolic Me magazine.
  2. Deviant Succubus ~ We collaborated for the Fetish magazine and wrote this very informative piece about Erotic Hypnosis.
  3. Purple’s Gem ~ Wrote  a fantastic sex toy review guest post which includes amazing images too.
  4. Jupiter Grant ~ Got down and dirty with a sexy toy and penned the hot result for my blog.
  5. Vlad Lioncourt ~ Wrote an article for my site with a very powerful message attached.
  6. The Other Me ~ Tom’s image inspired my number two viewed post of the year, Love in the Dunes.
  7. Elliott Henry ~ Let me interview him for a sponsored post and use some of his great images too.
  8. Cousin Pons ~ Helped the rise in popularity of my Sinners duology by collaborating with me and writing twice from the priests POV.
  9. Inigo More ~ For writing guest posts and supporting and all that Jazz.

My Memes ~ F4T and SB4MH

Half way through the year I took up the great opportunity of co-hosting the Food for Thought meme alongside Floss. I have loved every minute of it and am so glad Kilted Wookie passed it on to us. If you have not yet got involved please do. Each week we pose a thought provoking prompt for bloggers to write about.

It has been a pleasure to support Cat, with the Sex Bloggers for Mental Health meme. And great to have Melody on board as well.

The most read post on Sex Matters – that I have linked to the meme  SB4MH – was a clear favourite. The Girl in the Mirror. I think the reason it was so popular is because it is based on something that happened to me. Yet told as a story.  I suppose this way I picked up two types of reader. And also the message became a little more accessible because of this writing style.


I don’t tend to write my goals down. That sort of thing is liable to make me anxious. But last year,  my  un-written blogging goals, were to make money from my blog/writing. I am very thankful to have achieved this.

Another thing that I am very chuffed about was unexpectedly publishing The Curse on kindle. A short erotic tale in 13 parts. A bit taboo with a lot of sex!

And a great development was having my site sponsored by Secrexy.

In 2020 – Motto ~ One life, live it…

Kinda Motto ~ So, as I say goodbye to twenty nine teen I feel happy to be healthy and loved…

Twenty nine teen in a nutshell
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17 thoughts on “Twenty Nine Teen Stats and Stuff”

  1. One life – live it! I will be living with same attitude this year!

    Huge congrats on all you have achieved this year, May and I very much look forward to what 2020 has in store for you <3 x

  2. A terrific compendium, May, and thank you so much for including me and my toy review. It was an honour and a pleasure to do, and to be included on your site. ?

  3. Great work hilighted here May you do so much and also seem to have time for supporting and giving great feedback. Absolultely deserved your place on Charturbate listing.
    I am sorry in several different ways that circumstances caused us to shelve our collaboration, but I am sure there will be other opportunities, you have big plans and oodles of motivation so something will happen!
    Love that you are going to judge SmutMarathon, can’t think of a better gig for you! Also very much looking forward to you and your man taking the stage at Eroticon. Go you!

  4. This is a wonderful round-up. So glad you “pushed” me into continuing to run SB4MH. You’ve been a pillar in this blogging community so great to have you here.

  5. It’s been a great year, and I’m glad for these lists, reminds me there’s still do much of your writing I haven’t read. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. I am very excited that you will be a judge for the SM, May. I think you will do an excellent job. Thanks for the mention, of course my photo album is always open to illustrate serious literature, for research purposes of course.

  7. You’ve had a fab year of blogging May. Full to the brim with wonderful writing, both fiction and non-fiction. Your imagination knows no bounds and it is always a thrill to see what you will come up with next. xx

  8. What a fab year you’ve had May, and I am certain 2020 will hold lots more awesome achievements in store for you x

  9. A great post to conclude 2019 and all that you have achieved. Thank you for the mention too. It was so good to work with you ?

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