Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale

Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale


When I walked into my sitting room that morning I wasn’t surprised to find someone asleep on the sofa. There had been a lot of noise the previous night when Mum had returned, with her boyfriend, from his sons leaving party. He was emigrating – that’s what they called it in those days – to Canada. It seemed a guest from that party was still here.

Staring at him sleeping I felt something strange happen. A feeling I couldn’t quite comprehend. My stomach had butterflies. His dark hair was messy and by the way his feet hung off the end of the sofa I could tell he was over six foot. Waking suddenly he looked at me whilst rubbing his eyes.

“Hello, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Lennie, Bobbies best mate.”

Bobbie was mum’s boyfriend’s son, soon to depart from our lives.

“Would you like some tea and toast?” I gushed, having a sudden urge to act on those strange feelings and look after him in some way.

“That would be great, thank you. You must be May – I’ve heard all about you?”

“Yes that’s me, I won’t be a minute.”

I went off into the kitchen my heart scampering around in my chest. Lennie walked in and sat down at the table. We chatted. I blushed as I served him his breakfast. He seemed to be interested in my school and hobbies, even making jokes I could understand. I really believed I had never met anyone so handsome or amusing before.

He was twenty one, I was eleven.


Two years later my mum married her boyfriend. They had a small wedding party after the service at our house. I was at that awkward age. All limbs and no real shape. Lennie walked in and I stared from across the room, now too shy to go and chat with him like we had before. But I certainly had not forgotten him. Sometimes his name came up in family conversation and the racing of my heart made it clear to my head, that I still had a crush on him.

Before the celebrations had finished, when he was a little bit tipsy, he came over and asked how school was and told me he was getting married at our local church in a few months. My heart fell through my chest but my smile didn’t waver.


My Saturday job was in one of the local shops. I worked there with a few of my friends, including Vic and Ant. Whenever Lennie was seen coming down the road, to buy his weekly shopping, one of my co-workers would call me. Immediately I would stop what I was doing and be there at the till waiting to serve him when he needed. I was growing up fast and considered attractive. But I wasn’t overly forward or confident. He always seemed pleased to see me. Sometimes his wife was with him. She was a very beautiful Asian woman. Together they made a good looking couple.


I went travelling for a while so there was not any likelihood that I would bump into him.

Twenty One

twenty one
Me at twenty one

Now at twenty one, I had it all going on. The legs, the hair, the boobs. One evening I was out with a group of friends in a pub a few miles from where I lived. I was heading to the bar to buy a drink, turned around and there was Lennie. My stomach lurched and my heart fluttered. Yet I knew they were behaving that way out of habit. After all, they had been practising each time I saw him for ten years.

We stood and talked. He was now thirty-one. Still quite good looking but to me, he seemed almost old. The slight pot belly didn’t help. Inquiring how his wife was I felt a little disappointed. He told me they had divorced a few years previous but had managed to remain amicable.

I finished my drink and he bought me another.

Vic was my boyfriend at this point and he knew full well who Lennie was. As I started on the second drink, still chatting, I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking over, concerned. But something compelled me to continue. I threw my long hair back and laughed. Leaned forward and made a comment about his jacket. Touched his hand. I was actively flirting knowing what I wanted to achieve. This man had been the star in so many of my daydreams, not to mention early “wank fodder”, as I had grown up. I had wanted him even when I didn’t know what that meant. Now he had to want me. That was only fair.

I left him and returned to my friends. Vic questioned me,

“He’s very sweet but old and a little fat,” I reassured him.


We were all going on to a club and the cabs had arrived. I told Vic I would be out as soon as I had said goodbye to Lennie. I touched him on the shoulder. He turned his back on his friends and asked if he could buy me another drink.

“No thank you, I just came over to thank you for the previous drink and say goodbye.”

He held out his hand and brushed his lips against mine in way of a farewell.

“Bye May, it was great to see you again. Perhaps I could take you out to dinner soon? Can I call you?”

Trying not to smile too much, I leaned forward and hugged him. The karmic wheel had struck again.

“Thanks for the invite but I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.”

“Ah, of course you have a boyfriend.”

I turned and left and never saw him again.

Twenty one
Twenty One Week # 294


14 thoughts on “Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one May. I’m so glad you linked it to TMI. What a delightful story, and I love the legs photo!
    Indie xx

  2. Life can take us on some strange twists and turns. Thanks for sharing such a personal story.

    Rebel xox

  3. A sweet tale. And, by the way, you still have the legs, the hair, and the boobs all going on.

  4. Damn, I was hoping you were going to tell us Lennie was your Man! And that you couldn’t be with him until another ten years after this story. Now *that* would have been a romance for the ages!

    1. No, but as you know i did meet my man first time around 20 yrs ago – will pop up on my other blog – e v e n t u a l l y!

  5. This is such a delightful read!!! We all have adolescent crushes, and if by chance you happen to run into them as an adult and they get to see you in the same light you’ve been looking at them for years, it feels a bit like magic.

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