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Twisted ~ Lana’s Story ~ Fiction

Where fiction is concerned I tend to write mainly in first person as you can pull the reader in immediately and it also enables them to understand the characters motives easily. But third person appears more… well, professional, and can work when you want to create some mystery or distance.

In this flash series I am writing in both the first and third person because I wanted to put across different POV’s.

The following story came to me quickly and worked better – because of the subject matter – in third person. I have thrown in a few tense changes too.

Content Warning needed – Twisted is not a pretty story it’s about a dysfunctional family – if this is likely to trigger you then please do not read.

A tale about Lana. She lives with her Dad and stepmother. Her older stepbrother, Mikey, moved out the previous year.


Lana ran into the house looking slightly dishevelled. Wearing a grubby pair of jeans and a t-shirt that had clearly seen better days. Just as the she was about to disappear upstairs. Her stepmother, Nora, shouted, “Get ‘ere gal.”

A little late home from the woods, Lana assumed she was cross.

Nora grabbed her husband from the kitchen and continued, “Frank, do you know what Lana was doing this affey? I caught her pulling legs from a spider. She’s twisted. Have a word with her. She never used to be like this, I swear she was a sweet little kid.”

Frank put an arm around Lana’s shoulders.

“C’mon Nora. Cut her some slack. She’s not even thirteen, still a kid really.”

But smiling at his daughter he could tell she was growing up fast.

Lana took the opportunity to escape to her bedroom.

“All I know is, my Mikey weren’t doing stuff like that at her age. Decent kid, he was. And look at him now. Got a job and his own flat-share. Not even twenty years old. Proud, I am.”

Nora’s son, Mikey, had moved out the year before but was not shy of bringing his washing back for his Mum to deal with.


A few years passed and Lana, although not overly social, was talented at sports. She joined the local running club for the under eighteens. Ben, a boy from her school, also attended. She quite liked him.

“What are you Ben, a wimp? It’s not even seven o’clock. Won’t be dark in the woods for ages.”

“Oh go on then.” Ben gave into her charms. Lana was a looker. No mistake. Curly hair the colour of coal and eyes as blue as the sky on a summer day.

The two teenagers sat in the middle of a copse chatting and getting to know each other. Ben began to think perhaps the rumours about Lana were wrong. Darkness descended. He tentatively put a hand on her thigh. Like a bird homing for the night Lana took to her legs and flew. Navigating the twists and turns at speed, a route she had taken many times before. Ben tried to follow but couldn’t keep up.

“I can’t see Lana. You have the torch. It’s pitch black, HEY wait up – I’m sca…” He bellowed through the trees.

Lana laughed all the way home. And again, when she heard he had been stuck in the woods the whole night long. That would teach him she thought. His parents said it was a good job it had been a warm summer’s evening.

“What kinda kid would do such a thing?” Nora asked Frank. “Mikey was always so kind to his friends.”

Knowing they were talking about her Lana listened at the top of the stairs – remembering a time when she had been kind and liked people too.


At seventeen Lana was not short of admirers. But none of them seemed to last long. She was the topic of 6th form college gossip. Many surmising she must be frigid. However, Lana did take a fancy to one lad, Jake. Looked a little like Mikey. Blonde hair, long limbs and slender. A few times he knocked for her before the local gang went into town. The pair of them occasionally took the short cut through the woods together.


“Eh, no ya don’t young lady.”

Lana was trying to quietly slip past her stepmother.

“Ge’ in the living room – NOW. Your dad’s gonna have to hear about this. Don’t move.”

Nora was red-faced. Frowning, she pushed back her graying hair, wondering how much more of this girl’s antics she would have to deal with.

“What?” Lana sighed, feigning innocence.

“Don’t pretend. I’m not an idiot. What ‘ave you gotta say for yourself, you twisted bitch? Jake’s folks have been round. You were in the woods with him. Sucking him off – why you are doing that at your age I don’t know. He said you bloody bit him – hard – you know, on the privates – and left him there. Lana what is wrong with you?”

Lana sat in silence, hands folded in her lap, staring at a spot in the distance.


“I still can’t believe your Lana’s won that scholarship. It’s a bloody long way to go though – Washington.”

“She’s always been sporty. Takes after me.” Frank joked, beaming at his daughter.

“Oh Frank, you are funny,” said Nora affectionately rubbing his pot belly.

Lana looked at the pair of them, knowing it was her own determination to escape that had landed the prize.

“Let’s ‘ave a party, after all it is her twentieth birthday too,” said Nora, thankful to be getting rid of the strange teenager.

Lana heard and exclaimed, uncharacteristically, “Oh that’s great! Don’t forget to invite Mikey.”

“That’s nice of you Lana. You are getting more sociable. Kinder too. You were such a thoughtful child when we moved here. Remember when you and Mikey were so close? Before he got his own place. I always thought it was such a shame you both grew apart.”

Lana smiled. Her naturally pink lips glowed as she chewed her cherry bubble gum.

Twisting the night away

Lana and her stepbrother Mikey were dancing opposite each other. Family and friends drinking and laughing around them. A birthday celebration to bid Lana a fond farewell; she was leaving the following day.

The music was loud.

Come on everybody, lets do the …” blaring out from the speakers positioned in each corner of the room.

“I think she’s finally turned a corner, Frank. Seems a lot calmer – you know.” Nora spoke in a whisper, “since the things we don’t mention happened.”

Frank knew what had gone on. Although he’d been too embarrassed to speak to Lana about the fellatio incident and felt his wife had probably dealt out all the punishment needed. What he didn’t realise was Lana had lured many other boys into the woods for similar treatment. They just hadn’t told on her.

Now he could hardly believe she was so grown up and on her way to a new life. Things had certainly not been easy. His first wife had died when his daughter was only six. He’d been unsure how to bring up a child alone – until he met Nora. Her son Mikey had been thirteen. A good kid and willing to give Lana his time. The pair of them had been inseparable for a few years. Once Mikey had got his own place he had even offered to babysit. Lana had eventually put a stop to that, saying she was old enough to take care of herself. That’s when she had started spending hours in the woods and became difficult to deal with. Frank had put it down to puberty.

Into the woods

As the song finished playing Lana grabbed her stepbrother’s hand and they disappeared through the back door. Across the garden. Over the field. Into the wood that she knew so well. She led him to the centre – where she had taken all the others. But those had just been practice runs; this was for real.

She pushed him up against a tree. He was a willing captive. They kissed while he groped at her bum. Straight down on her knees, paying no mind to the nettles, she unzipped his trousers. His already erect cock bounced out in front of her face. A few good sucks from her bubble gum lips was all that was needed and she could tell he was close. Gabbing the thin elastic band from her pocket she twisted it, gently at first, around the base of his cock. Then still licking, so he had no idea what was coming next, she began to pull the band tighter and tighter. Finally tying the end in a knot. The last thing she heard, before turning and running back to the house, was Mikey wailing like a tortured animal.

The following morning Mikey hadn’t returned.

Lana finished packing her suitcase. “He went off with some girl. He’ll go back to his flat when he’s had enough of her,” She lied, scratching  her knees through her jeans.

“Mikey always was popular with the gals.” Nora boasted.

Ignoring her Lana closed the suitcase and flung her arms around Frank.

“You’re the best, Dad!” She told him with tears in her eyes.

“Go on luv. Cab’s waiting.” Frank said, pulling a tissue from his pocket and blowing his nose.

One last glance around the room and Lana ran out to the waiting taxi.


Mikey turned up, eventually. The elastic had been cut away. The doctor said there would be some permanent damage.


It was not until she was on the plane that Lana finally breathed a sigh of relief. Free, at last.

She pushed Mikey firmly out of her mind for the first time in eight years. For the first time since that night when he had ‘taken care‘ of her while their parents went to the pub. He was nineteen then, Lana was only twelve. She had thought Mikey was fun. Trusted him. But then it got serious. What happened that night had twisted Lana’s heart, and her mind.

Even though she would never forget what he did, she was now free of him – safe in the knowledge that he could never again force himself on another young girl and annihilate her spirit.

The air-steward interrupted Lana’s thoughts by asking if she needed anything.

“I am absolutely fine,” she replied, looking out of the cabin window at the sun shining on the clouds below.

And she was.

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25 thoughts on “Twisted ~ Lana’s Story ~ Fiction”

  1. excellent revenge story. the buildup was great. I had a clue where it was going but there were several options. great way to keep the reader on the edge of their seat waiting to know the truth of this twisted tale.

  2. I had my hand over my eyes reading this, lol. I was like, oh no, it’s gonna be something Mikey did. Did he break her heart, did she see him doing something she shouldn’t have seen??? Then I got to the end and thought, wow what a bastard, good for you, Lana!

    1. Thanks Ella – it was a tricky story for me as I was writing out of my comfort zone – but good to challenge my writing for sure x

  3. Whoa boy! You definitely led me down the path on this one. What great storytelling here, May. I knew something was up with her but you definitely didn’t make it super obvious what. Well done

  4. Excellent May – interesting subject matter, I love secrets in stories, especially ‘tales behind’ someone’s out of the ordinary behaviour. Yes the clues were there as to what might’ve gone awry, but never guessed what the twist would be. You’re getting rather masterful at that! You’re right, the character most fleshed out was Nora – which is kind of unexpected, but clever.

    1. Thanks Posy – it was my intention to do this with Nora. After all usually in a house with a youngish family the “mum” figure holds the most influence. Lana had been ruined so her true character would not show. Mikey was just someone to be talked about and Frank was Lana’s Dad – he missed noticing that something dreadful had happened to his daughter – whereas Nora DID notice the change in Lana. That is why Nora got the lines and the flesh. x

  5. I love the unwitting supporting cast of Frank and Nora, and how there was just enough of a hint that something was up in the relationship with the golden child, Mikey for the twist to feel a completion to the story. Nothing as good as a well written story, even if (especially if!) it is a little dark and twisted.

    1. Thanks you Alethea 😉 I am so glad you noticed Frank and Nora – Nora was the main character really – she had flesh on her – so to speak 😉

  6. I never know what to expect from one of your stories when I click on the link… except that it will be high quality. This is no exception. I like the way the title ends up having multiple meanings. ?

    1. TY Lexy – and for supporting my writing all the time – I still have not forgotten the question u asked a while back, about how these characters and plots come to me x

  7. I really liked this. I guessed what was underlying but hadn’t realised until the end she was going to get revenge. And so well delivered too. A brilliant story ? missy x

  8. An excellent piece, May. The way you build up the tension in the reader as they follow Lana’s history really creates a sense of foreboding and dread of what might be going on and what has happened in the past. By no means a jolly tale, but then life isn’t always jolly, is it? I really enjoyed this ?

    1. Thanks JG – Glad you felt the tension – a little more edgy than some of my stories – but as u say life can be that way too x

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