under bathroom lights

Underneath the bathroom lights

Yesterday was my first ever Summer100 post where I discussed masturbation and told a sexy true tale. Why not have a read. I am very much looking forward to the challenge of writing regularly and getting to know some new bloggers work.

I took the above shot last week in the bathroom. There were some jazzy blue lights shining from the ceiling so I thought if I positioned my self under the lights and the phone camera, the blue lights may shine down on me and appear in the image. They didn’t. But I kind of like the result achieved anyway. It looks a little steamy and because my mouth is in the shot, a little sexy too.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image so if you want to see some more sinners kiss the lips below – or you can continue to read my summer100 post – all about bathroom orgasms.

Underneath #373


Taking me out of the shot the image also contains bathroom furniture, which isn’t really very sexy per se.  But thinking back over the last four years bathrooms have been highly significant for me.

Let me explain. When my man and I first got together – this time around – having just ended an emotionally abusive relationship, I wanted some time by myself. So I lived alone, except when one of my kids was on holiday from University.

Bathroom Decisions

My man had waited a long time to get his hands on me, literally, and he was not going to let the grass grow under our feet any longer. In the evenings he would come over, we would play music, make cocktails and have bubble baths. We were in the honeymoon period wanting to be together whenever possible, even when bathing. Consequently, as one was lounging in the bath the other would perch on the floor, drink in hand, and we would chat. During these conversations, he persuaded me that it would be good to not only move in together but also to work together as well. That bathroom has a lot to answer for.

Bathroom Delights

Another thing that often happened in the bathroom was orgasms. Well, passions ran high between us. The chemistry was and is still extremely strong. But for some reason, I often found it difficult to climax when we were participating in sexual acts. When he got his head down between my legs he was amazing. The best I had experienced.  I could tell he genuinely loved to lick my slit. Mrs Sexy discusses oral in her post Manners Maketh Man. She thinks that a man who enjoys it actually does it better. Stands to reason really.

But sometimes that orgasm would evade me. I needed to get used to the extreme feelings that existed between us. One day when I was in the bath he asked me to masturbate while he sat and watched. We had previously discussed how I liked to do that in the bath. The feeling of the warm water lapping at my cunt lips, whilst I moved my hips, was irresistible and I only needed to massage my clit for a short time before I got the result I wanted.

After he had observed me that first time, often, when I was in the bath his hand would find its way between my legs and he would replicate what he had seen me do. Many times this would arouse him and he would start handling himself at the same time. It was a win-win situation. Isabelle describes in her post Masturbating Together – how seeing her hubby giving himself pleasure turned her on. I adore watching my man handle his cock, this certainly used to speed up my moment of orgasm.

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20 thoughts on “Underneath the bathroom lights”

  1. I actually find bathrooms fairly sexy and baths are the just the best. We often take a bath together, although I wish we had a much bigger bathtub but we still manage it and watching each other masturbate is sexy as hell


  2. The softness of this image is so incredibly sexy! I honestly wouldn’t have noticed the bathroom if you hadn’t said, my eyes were fixated on those beautiful lips!
    Aurora x

    1. Thanks Modesty – I can see some more angles for bathroom nudes now – checking it out only this morning 😉 x

  3. I really like that you took the shot from above and *you’re* the piece of the photo underneath rather than the camera! For some reason, the picture makes me think of love motels. Maybe it’s the blue lighting you mentioned…

  4. I haven’t had a proper bath – with or without sexy fun – in ages. I enjoy a relaxing soak. My bath tub in my current home is tiny though, and while that wouldn’t be a hindrance for some, it is for me. So, showers it is! 🙂

    I like the slightly blurred mistyness of your photo. It’s inviting, in an almost-accidental way.

  5. Yes! Bathrooms are fabulous venues for Sinful Sundays – lighting, surfaces, water, interesting angles and, of course, nakedness! Lovely shot, May x

    1. Thank you KP – i wasn’t going to put it up as its just a selfie, but I thought “do it” – so I did 😉

  6. Double delight May. A splendid sexy photo for #Sinful Sunday and an engrossing post on batroom fixtures and fittings for #Summer100. My tub runneth over! CPxx

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