Upfront and Personal – TMI Tuesday 13th June 2017

Upfront and Personal

Upfront and Personal on TMI Tuesday


Would you take a course in advanced sex positions? Why?

That is an odd question. It has put all sorts of visuals into my head –  a room full of people trying to copy a position the teachers are demonstrating. I don’t think I would be interested in a course of advanced sexual positions. I simply like to get into a position that feels good or right at the time.


Did you orgasm?”
Women: Have you been asked this?

I honestly can not remember if I have been asked this question. Maybe when I was a young thing at the start of a sexual relationship I may have been, but it escapes me. I think it is pretty obvious when I am having an orgasm – I would probably only need to be asked that question if I was having to stifle my pleasure for some reason.

Women, do you mind being asked this question?

No I would not mind being asked that question. I can talk about sex all day long. Ask me anything. Also I have actually faked orgasm on occasions.


Was it good for you?”
Have you ever asked this question after having sex? Were you ever told “No, it was not good.” If yes, what did you do?

I have asked it, and I have also been asked. I have never been told it was not good and equally I would not be so hurtful as to say to someone,

that was dreadful”…

Although I must admit after splitting up with a particular partner I did tell him he was my worst lay ever. I’m certainly not proud of myself for that but he was very nasty to me too and we were never compatible sexually.

Currently my partner and I may actually ask this question hours later to open a discussion of what else we would like to include on another occasion.


When was the last time you had a simple, sexy “make out” session? Do you wish you had more purely “make out” sessions?

If by “make out” sessions you mean sexual activity that does not include intercourse – then the answer is yesterday. But this is not unusual for us. For many different reasons sex for us often does not always include penetration. This seems to work. There are lots of ways to turn someone on. I would estimate 50% of our sex sessions are “make outs”.


 When is that last time you had a “quickie”– sex lasting 5 minutes or less? How often do you engage in “quickies”?

Oh, difficult one – We don’t often engage in quickies of 5 mins or less. Don’t get me wrong we are not “at it” for hours but it usually takes us longer than 5 minutes because of the sensual play we may include,or the bondage play. As all sexual activity is classed as sex in our relationship the last time we engaged in a 5 min quickie would have been a kneel down, during the day, blow job administered by me. I can’t remember when that last happened, probably a few months ago.


Bonus: On upfront and Personal – Think about the person that is/was your favourite sex partner? Why were they your favourite?

My man is my favourite sex partner by a long way as we discuss our sexual relationship so much and understand where we both come from in regards to sex. We do not judge each other and we are happy to talk about fantasies we devise in our heads that are extremely personal in nature. In short we are best friends in the bedroom.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t had excellent sex with others. I have and do remember one partner in particular who was so spontaneous and adventurous that he would definitely be on my list – if I had one ;-). He will come up in my sister blog.

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  1. Ha! I think we both had pretty much the same reaction to Q1.
    I also imagined a class we attended where teachers told us (showed us?) where to put this and that!!

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