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Lads Night in Tale ~ Upside of Men’s Sex Toys

Upside of men’s sex toys is a short story about a truth or dare game that leads to a group of young lads to share their embarrassing sexual experiences.

Tale about male sex toys ~ Fiction

“I buy sex toys.” I made the statement clearly and sat waiting as I knew the questions would begin.

Jim’s parents were away for the weekend and the gang -me Sid and Carl- were having a boys night. No birds allowed. After a few cans and a takeaway Chinese we started playing truth or dare and that’s when I told them about the toys I buy.

“Sex toys? What do you mean Mike? Like giant dildos and stuff?” Jim joked.

The three of them fell about the floor laughing.

I grinned, “What would I do with a dildo? I don’t fancy shoving anything up my arse just yet. No. I buy men’s sex toys, such as masturbators. It just adds a bit of variety instead of my hand.”

“Why do you need it though Mike? Come on, with a chick like Tessa on your arm and in your trousers.” Sid asked.

“How old are we? It’s not a trick question. We’re only eighteen and I don’t know about you but sometimes ‘ol Dick’ can be a little fast out the trap, when Tess is around.” I was being real.

Well. They do say honesty is the best policy. This one admission of mine started a whole discussion about how the lads were the same. Testosterone filled the room that night as we swapped embarrassing or humorous tales about being a little premature when having to deal with hot tottie.

Carl’s girl has got it all going on. Big tits, round arse and a face to launch a ship or two. He explained how the second time he took her on a date to the cinema she let him put his hand down her panties. When he felt her plump, wet slit his balls couldn’t hold it in. He exploded in his boxers right there and then. After the movie had finished he buttoned up his coat, hiding the misdemeanor, and said goodbye to his girlfriend in double quick time.

As soon as Jim had managed to stop laughing he went on to tell how he would run down the previous weekend’s football results in his head while shagging Gill. Just so he could fuck her for longer and give the impression he was a stud rather than a newly-released virgin.

“Right guys. Now you know why I buy men’s sex toys. I never take my bird out without having taken the toy for a whirl first. Then I can at least make it to 10 pm before the sight of Tess gives me a raging hard on.”

Sid had been quiet up until now. But he didn’t have a girl. Never had. Which meant he was super interested in going online and checking out the company- Sohimi I had an account with. Within minutes he had added a couple of the best male sex toys to his basket and was checking out.

“ Right that’s me sorted then.” he smirked. “Who needs an up-market bird like you guys go for, when you can have a sex doll at your beck and call, who won’t answer back or want you to meet her mother!”

He could have a point there…

Post Information

Truth and Dare is sponsored fiction, written by me for Sohimi about male sex toys.

Many thanks to Purple Sole and little gem for the amazing header image.

The story idea came to me after reading this tale by Andy Harding.

Male Sex Toys – Truth or Dare

9 thoughts on “Lads Night in Tale ~ Upside of Men’s Sex Toys”

  1. When I was young I do not think sleeves existed. If they did, since there was no internet, I would not have known how to get one… I have had a few, including a Fleshlight which by far was the best. While they were good, nothing compares to the real thing. However, a young guy, or someone without (or an unwilling) partner, I can see the appeal. I think it is hotter to use it with my wife as some play. If I’m alone, I’m going hand. More convenient and easier clean up! Love this story though. My friend group never had such conversations, all of us were “Sex Gods” of course… Not… Kids today are a little more open to such sharing.

  2. Hey May – I hope young guys have this sort of conversation, to balance out the bravado.
    Sex toys for men have come a long way in recent years. My partner likes the basic ‘sleeve’ I purchased for him for when he’s in the mood and I’m not available.

  3. Of course, they have such conversations. And not only those. They are young and probably want to look more experienced in the eyes of their buddies. Perhaps they do not always succeed. But what they are trying is for sure 🙂

  4. I love the candidness of this. Many think men don’t talk about things like this, but I know from bartending and serving that they do.
    I must also agree with the sex doll thoughts, it does seem easier than all the other “stuff” that goes into sex….

  5. Cute story May, makes me think of Ben Stiller jacking off in What About Mary with an underwear advert (guilty as charged, btw) before a date. I’ve never had that issue coming too soon, I guess I’m lucky. Great pic by PS, and I’ll have to read Andy’s story. And of course I’ll check the link to the latest tie-in you are hawking.

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