Victims Are … Conflicting Fiction

Victims Are … Conflicting Fiction

A quick and hard 300 word Flash…


What is a victim?

I’ve tried all my life not to be one. Abused and used but I fought to stay on top. Bullied, until I wised up.  Always thinking. Always trying – rising above – never looking back  because that would mean looking down. And victims are down there – right?

You spoke? Louder. What was that? I’m listening.

Sorry, too quiet. Got to be heard if you don’t want to be a victim.

Powerful. That’s me. Don’t give in. Throw bad memories in the trash. I don’t want to be soiled with the smell of dirty victims. Whores like you. It disgusts me to mix with such negative low life. I know I’m better than that. Better than you.

Get up.

Get out.


Don’t label. Don’t diagnose. Get on.

Victims are weak. Victims like you.

Victim culture is alien to me. Another planet. Another species. I’m strong. Self aware. Understand what I can do and fight to overcome my weaknesses.

Victims are passive, helpless,  hopeless – vulnerable.  Me – I look straight ahead. Make the rules.

Victims have a hole in their makeup – not the full ticket.

Talking of holes…

Down on your knees where you belong – like the victim you are.  Open your hole. Come on, don’t make me slap your face. Yep. Nice and slow…  gal. Let me feel those lips. Mmm, soft and full. Better than a wet cunt. Good slut. Yeah, that’s right – do it – do it now. Take it in all the way.  Ah, that tongue, flick your piercing against my knob. That’s right. You… fucking… whore. Those sunken eyes. How long since you scored gal? Do this right and I will see you get the gear you need. You know what you’re good for. And make it quick before the Detective Inspector arrives.

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Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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16 thoughts on “Victims Are … Conflicting Fiction

  1. You are so skilful May – you have told and portrayed so much in limited words, the thought processes of the victim and the abuser, the repeating cycle, the damage abuse inflicts on the victim. Well done for digging into such a difficult topic and sharing – respect to you.

    1. Ah thanks for that compliment Posy – glad u got it – as i said i have had this written for a while and it worked with the WW prompt so that’s why it went out this week and of course I got the chance to use an amazing TS image too x

  2. This is really powerful and is such a strong piece. It leaves me feeling conflicted which you seem to do so well with your writing. Brilliant 🙂

  3. Wow! Incredibly powerful writing. I kind of wanted to look away, if that makes sense. The discomfort was visceral. Such evocative writing, and as always, your delivery of the character voice is masterful. ???

  4. Like Floss said, I felt conflicted. Constantly telling myself this is not right, this can’t be right, while reading on and on and on. Powerful writing, May!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks Marie – it has been sitting in my draft for a while and then when I saw the prompt for WW I suddenly remembered the horror of this 😉 gave it another edit and here it is – I cringe reading it too x

  5. Oh my, you know when you’re reading something and your brain is telling you one thing and your body is telling you another, I got that reading this. Holy crap I feel conflicted, which means only one thing May, this is bloody well done! x

    1. Thanks for reading PS – expect it is not everyone’s cup of tea though – certainly not mine and I wrote it lol – that’s fiction for you – sometimes it just writes itself x

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