Wax and Wane ~ Enjoying the Pain

Wax and Wane ~ Enjoying the Pain

Wax and Wane ~ Wax Play ~

The title Wax and Wane is a phrase often used to describe the phases of the moon, but can also give meaning to anything that grows in strength and then dwindles. This is a very apt description of the feeling achieved when hot wax first hits your skin. It has a strength which diminishes as it cools.

wax and wane
Wax and Wane
I experience that momentary pain, before the satisfying coolness and pressure from the solid-ification of the wax, hits the skin on my left breast.

I love the sensation but squirm around, pushing my arse down into the smooth wood of the   table top I am laying on.Keep still bitch, I want this drop to land right on your nipple.”

I lay back, fists slightly clenched, in their rope restraints, anticipating.

I am blindfolded and secured to the table by ropes running the full circumference of the  sur-face. Taking in my wrists along the way. My ankles are free. 

This moment of waiting seems to last literally minutes.The odour of the dinner we consumed earlier hangs in the air. Then the scorching sensation hits my right nipple.Fuck me,” I cry out in anguish.Later, but for now ask me nicely to drip wax on your cunt lips.”Can you drop the wax on my cunt,” I murmer.No you can do better than that, bitch, ask me nicely,” he roughly tweaks my other nipple.Eh, please could you drip wax on my cunt.”Where do you want it on your cunt?” He breaths heavily onto my face.On my cunt lips please,” inhaling deeply.Open your legs then, let me see your lips and I don't want any complaints”.

As I open my thighs the wax lands right between my slit with a searing joy. I bite my lip so as not to exclaim, but shivers escalate up and down my spine.

Wax and Wane ~ Real or not?

I have a vague memory of a similar scenario to the above happening between my man and me a couple of years ago – although it has to be said I can’t remember many of the details so it could be more fiction than fact.

I do know we have played with wax a few times and both really like it. On a practical note I do occasionally worry that the wax may fall on the carpet or furnishings and it is so difficult to get off. Maybe that’s because we have, of course, used standard church candles. I have to admit I have no idea if the wax play kits that can be purchased from kink retailers are better in this respect. I think they are not as hot wax wise.

But what is the fascination with wax play? For me it’s that wonderful short, sharp pain. Followed by a soothing effect as the wax dries and almost seems to seal and protect the area. It is similar to having a swift hand spank to your arse, followed by a tender caress. I do wonder if those people that don’t like to administer or receive pain think there is something askew within the brains of those who do.

I have thought long and hard as to why I like to be on the receiving end. The answer is probably complex.

The prime motive is about trusting and giving up control. I find it very difficult to do either of these things as a general rule in everyday life. When I let my man inflict pain on me I am trusting him with my body – I am allowing myself to be his muse as I give up my control to him. It becomes almost a relief for me to surrender that power. Not to have to be the strong, independent woman, but rather have my sexual needs catered for, and – crucially – decided by somebody else.

So why do you like pain?

wax and wane
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25 thoughts on “Wax and Wane ~ Enjoying the Pain

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and you have made me want to do some more wax play. It’s something we like but don’t bother with that often but Now I actually want to do it again as you are right, it can be really hot ?

  2. I really enjoy reading about other people’s experiences with wax. You describe your experience as one that’s very sensual and I can find myself in that. It’s funny that with this one particular experience you can’t remember if it’s more fantasy than fact. I have that with a few memories. It’s rather strange

  3. Thank you for sharing this with Tell Me About, it’s an interesting perspective. We only use soy candles and we’ve never used the wax on my genitals, and we are unlikely to because I have reduced feeling down there.

    Sweetgirl x

    1. Oh I am pretty sure the genital bit is fiction Sweet – i can cope with it on my breasts and I have to say I do like the ordinary wax but would perhaps be a too chicken to take it on my slit. And image if there was pubic hair! The wax would get all matted lol x

  4. We have what is known as ‘the sheet’, it’s actually a plastic shower curtain but it’s great at containing wax!

  5. All very interesting, since I bought some wax to play with on my own. Clearly that leaves out the trust/control component. But then I think I’m tending toward sensation play anyway. Hope I get a chance to find out soon…
    Indie x

  6. Hmmm… thinking about one of your recent posts… ‘church candles’?

    Love the story. It would be something you would want to have done to you, so you could concentrate on the feeling.

  7. That bit of fiction definitely made wax play seem sexier than I’ve experienced! My brief brush has been more uncomfortable, but perhaps a different kind of candle would make a difference. It’s just not a pain I like.

    1. i do like the wax-pain but did not write about my experience at the time so can’t remember what really happened. I do recall being tied to the kitchen table though 😉

  8. I have only really played with wax and open flame while bored in my room as a teen, never thought about having it dripped on me anywhere….especially nipples or lips.lol.
    I would love to be the one doing, not receiving…too chicken LOL

  9. Pain cleanses me…like a fire. Not the physical me, but the emotional and mental me. It sweeps through everything within and leaves behind pure sensation. Which is why if my head’s too busy, even slight pain is unbearable but if I can allow myself to fall into the moment, even a little, it’s a burning that leaves me spent and yet new at the same time.

  10. Being a giver . . . rather than a receiver (lol!!!) . . . I’m not one for pain.
    And, also worry about wax getting on the carpet and furnishings. But I am fascinated by the shapes and patterns . . . and the feelings of the receivers!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. I love the way wax causes pain which quickly dies away, but the quicker the drops of wax touch your body, the more it takes you to a totally different world… a world where only you and the wax exist…

    Rebel xox

  12. I’ve never tried wax play, but I’ve always remembered that tip from Madonna – you can vary the level of pain by varying the length of the hot wax drop. The closer you are the skin the more it hurts, apparently.

  13. I’m not big on pain, though I will happily administer it under the right conditions.

    I do like sensation play though, and that is the lens through which I view wax sextivities. Temperature and texture can be fun to play with. 🙂

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