Wearing my wife’s panties by Rafael

So happy to have a guest post from the ravishing Rafael… I asked him about his experiences wearing women’s panties…

How do I feel about putting on my wife’s panties?

The first thing I feel is sexy. Very sexy. Such a tickling down my crotch, that just getting ready makes me feel hot, even though I’m completely naked.

And, of course, I almost feel dizzy about being able to expose myself publicly, to the gaze of other women, other than my wife’s. A kind of swelling runs through my entire perineum, which extends along the entire shaft of the penis, until finally it inflates the glans, peeking out beyond the panties themselves, which can barely contain it.

And thank goodness that I am a man with a normal penis on the small side. How much I would have wanted God to grant me to have had a cock three times bigger. As playful as I am, my life would have been one continuous scandal. And my kinky streak would be unleashed throughout the universe.

Wearing women’s panties to work

When I wear panties to work, it gives me other sensations. Knowing that in my privacy I wear a garment that is so intimate as well as sophisticated, so full of poetry, with those trims, with those colors, with those sinuous shapes; They have nothing to do with the classic men’s boxer, which I don’t like at all. I understand that there will be women who like this type of man, with a tablet of abs, strong men and hair on the chest. I am not that kind of man.

Of course, I am absolutely clear that what I like are women, I have no doubt about it. I just like to enjoy showing off for other women in sexy feminine lingerie. It’s my particular little perversion. I hope you enjoy looking at the images and have sinful desires.


Thank you Rafael – it was a pleasure having you as a guest on my blog…

Mmm Monday

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20 thoughts on “Wearing my wife’s panties by Rafael”

  1. Great Pics. i find it very interesting that you never know what’s under some one’s pants. coming from one who not only wears panties but Pantyhose, stockings, and the occasional bra. one must know i worked in Law enforcement for 20 years.
    Stay empowered and enjoy May’s lovely panties. They look good on you

  2. Rafael, of course I had to come over to look at your sensational pictures and the words you have shared which illustrate just how much fun and pleasure you enjoy when you indulge your kink.
    I know several men who love to parade their underwear collections, sometimes the lingerie belongs to their wife, others prefer to buy their own. I admit that it makes me feel proud of them for embracing what they enjoy. I am pleased that they can take joy from the textures and sensations as well as the look of their body in the dainty garments. I support this, because beautiful underwear weaves the same magic on my own body.

    1. How happy I am to finally read your words friend Posy.
      I can understand how comfortable you can feel wearing sexy lingerie. For its textures on the skin, for its delicate fabrics. For its soft or daring forms, for its fantasy, for its colors. At the end of the day, it is about taking advantage of our most sensual, most erotic side, and being able to deliver a little more positivity to this world, which combats, in some way, so much negativity that hangs over our societies.

      As always, a real pleasure, to have your expert opinion, friend Posy. Thanks!

  3. A very interesting perspective that you point out Mrs. K.
    Appreciations like hers make me feel stronger, and her recognition makes me feel sexier, inside and out. Thanks with all my heart.

  4. I’m glad you’ve found a way to let your kinky side out, Rafael. The nice thing about panties is they can be a secret. Like armor you can wear them to connect with that part of yourself, they give you strength, and others think this change is amazing, but only you can see where it comes from. 🙂

    1. A very interesting perspective that you point out Mrs. K.
      Appreciations like hers make me feel stronger, and her recognition makes me feel sexier, inside and out. Thanks with all my heart.

  5. These are the tools that Mrs. Marie has. That they have allowed me to contribute with two children to this life together with my wife.
    I wish that God had endowed me with a bigger cock, to play even more, than I already do.
    But hey, I’m not really complaining. I just need to experience even more KinKy versions of myself.

  6. A very delicate selection of images, and very well worked to highlight extremely sexy aspects.
    Thank you very much Mrs. May, for all the dedication of her time and work, and especially for all the love she has put into this post.
    It really is a very sexy and elegant post, like me.

    Elegant like you and all this blogging community that accompanies us every day.
    Many thanks to this community, because they have allowed me to express myself, as I am, without censorship.
    Thanks everyone.

    I am also available to other bloggers in case a new collaboration is appropriate.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Sweet.
      I like to display myself for other women wearing the same lingerie they wear.
      It is a perversion that I love.
      I feel so sexy!!!

  7. Delicious images! I love how you describe what it makes you feel to wear women’s panties, Rafael! And it made me smile when you talked about the size of your cock 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  8. I love this post. It is always really interesting to find out how wearing particular clothing makes a person feel and you described and explained this really well. I love the slideshow but especially the header picture. Very hot! Missy x

    1. the slideshow is magnificent. May has made a great selection from among many other images.
      But it is true that the head of the cover, she has known how to work especially well, where you can see even the lace details of the panties.

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