Getting Wet and Dirty in April

Getting Wet and Dirty in April

Part One : A Golden Opportunity

april dirty showers
Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay — Adapted by the author

I’d just come in from turning over the flower bed at the bottom of the garden, and for some reason the exercise plus the smell of the soil had made me horny as fuck.

April. I’ve got an idea.” I grinned over at my wife.

“Hello darling. I’m all ears.”

But I have to say she was lying. My loving wife was more like tits, arse and cunt — and always up for some kinky fun.

“I’m sweaty and grimy from working in the garden. The month of April has arrived, but without the showers. How about I lay on the grass while you clean me up a bit?”

And I wasn’t talking about hooking up the hose. There was nothing quite as dirty and hot as April straddling my body, squatting and letting her steaming, golden juice rain over me.

Without saying a word, she chased me outside to a secluded spot, both of us stripping as we ran. Then I laid on the lush, cool grass while April showered me down…

Part Two: Dirty in April: Planting the Bed with Seed

I can’t help myself. Ever since I dug over that patch of earth at the bottom of the garden, so it is pure dirt waiting to be planted, I have had one only thought on my mind… I want to, I need to, I must… lay in the soil naked and cover myself with the moist cool mud. Sooth my body and soul.

It has been a warm springtime, and I often wake a little hot and sweaty from having my darling wife’s sensual body near, heating my loins. Today, my cock’s lively, but April isn’t. After last night’s shower fun, she is dead to the world, and her sleepy noises tell me that my cock caressing her arse would not be welcome.

I slip out of bed and see the sun rising above the hill on the horizon. I don’t need to do much, I just put on my trainers and tiptoe down the stairs. Once at the back door, I literally run to the end of the garden. Without hesitation, I kick off my shoes and fling myself onto the empty flower bed. Then turning on to my back, I cover my loins with the dirt, rubbing it between my thighs — feeling dirty. Quickly my rod is as hard as steel and with just a few pumps I shower the flower bed with seed…

These flash tales first appeared as part of a newsletter on medium promoting the prompt of April Showers for Redemption Magazine.

Marsha has followed this prompt here with the start of a fab golden showers story.

Read another golden shower story here and about my personal experience with the taboo act here…

Header image by Photo by KoolShooters – adapted by May More.

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