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Wet T-Shirt Alert

I think they used to hold wet T-shirt competitions at places like  holiday camps many years ago.

But it went out of fashion – exploiting women apparently.

Anyway, this “pin up” image was taken a few years ago in a fun photo shoot. It was the most glorious day. The sun was shining and we had lunch outside. After a finishing some sparking wine we filled up the bottle with some frothy water and took a few shots. It was very amusing.

Wet T-Shirt and Me


Find another from this session here.

I keep hope in my heart that such days will return.


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20 thoughts on “Wet T-Shirt Alert”

  1. You know, May, as I look at this again, I am thinking you are very naughty posting this, because we cannot see the neck of the bottle, so… What Are We To Think?!?!?!?

  2. Loved the picture looks like the weather would have been hot enough to dry you off.
    Should definitely bring wet T shirts back, empower women let the ones who want to go ahead, each to there own.

  3. I love how the water has splashed around the neck of your shirt but left the biggest mark around the bottom part. I love how the sun shines on you and how much this picture screams a lovely summer day to me. I can imagine this was a lot of fun!

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