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Wham ~ when Andrew, George & me wore shorts

Wham! What not to like? Still trying to work that one out. The cool guitarist, the fantastic lead singer/song writer, the cute backing singers? I got with the program. After all their songs were great, particularly to get you dancing. I was sixteen and thought they were alright.

Don’t get me wrong there  were a load of bands at that time that I preferred musically but Wham were fun and where I lived they became a big influence on most young people. Everyone I knew seemed to like something about them, be it their music or the clothes they wore.

Which brings me on to why I am talking about Wham.

They were big news in the UK and this success would soon wing its way around the world. Also, the prompt for musically ranting is fashion. Although I can not see many people thinking that this band inspired any great fashion trend – in my small world, for a brief time they did. Where I lived right from their first appearance on TOTP’s you either fancied them, wanted to dress like them or both.

Wham Wore Shorts and Made it Big

By the time their second studio album was released the very aptly named Make it Big the band’s music was selling like hot cakes. This album was a phenomenal success with songs such as – ‘Wake me up before you go go’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Careless Whisper’ gracing the vinyl. It was about this time the Wham boys and girls started to wear shorts! And the youngsters from my neck of the woods joined in.

That summer I can remember going out to the pub –( shhh I know I was underage) –  and we were all dressed in shorts. This look was casual and sexy what ever your gender. Though I must say I remember my friends mum looking at the girls one day and asking,

“Can your shorts get much shorter?”

And the answer was no. Many times our shorts would have been considered similar to the hot pants in the 60’s. Plus, my girlfriends and I would also don high heels  and thought we looked so cool.

I often think back to that year when Wham and me wore shorts 😉 Luckily that summer was very warm so wearing skimpy clothes day and night worked well. I always thought Wham were making a hip fashion statement but I have since learned that their manager had secured them a £50,000 sponsorship with Fila.

Goodness – to be paid to wear shorts and sing! Wham had the lot.

This post was written for the prompt ‘Big’ for Reminiscences and ‘Fashion’ for Musically Ranting. Click the badges below for more about these topics.

Make it Big


Wham Wore Shorts

Girl in shorts image from Pixabay.

10 thoughts on “Wham ~ when Andrew, George & me wore shorts”

  1. I love it May!! The shorts and high heels cracks me up and now I see how Wham ties into it all. Thank you for this very fun post. ?

  2. Ooooh shorts and high heels. I did that too. Or shorts and cowboy boots. I always thought I looked so damn sexy. And, I like Wham too 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  3. Fab May – I can remember these fashion ‘steers’ too – do you remember Tight Fit singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’? That had lots of us buying those poerforated t-shirts from t-bag to string vest style!
    Yep everything had to be worn with high court shoes back then … although later that summer, when Dexy’s had a hit with ‘Come on Eileen’ it went much more casual with dungarees and ballet flats. You’ve given me a great trip down memeory lane – thanks May x

  4. High heels with shorts? *laugh* I remember seeing girls do that in the ’80s! With little lacy ankle socks usually.

    Considering the accompanying hairstyles that went with the short shorts and the oft-seen fishnet gloves, I always equated the look with Madonna. I never knew Wham! had an influence on that bit of fashion history. Though the Fila sponsorship puts a different spin on it all, I definitely learned something new reading this. 😉

    1. It was a funny time – I do remember the socks too for some girls and of course the boys mostly didn’t wear heels, and it was trainers and socks for them. And it is always nice to learn something utterly useless lol x

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