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Which One? On TMI Tuesday, 7th February 2017

Which One? – Pick one and explain.

Which one? Would you rather have a real-life, actually working light saber or Wolverine’s claws?

I don’t know what a “light saber” is – should I? I have seen a couple of movies with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and find him extremely attractive. I’d like his claws ON me. Hurting just enough to make me horny.

Which one? Would you rather watch all episodes of old time TV show Ultra-man or all episodes of the original Power Rangers?

Again Ultra-man – what’s that all about? I think children like Power Rangers. Neither is for me.

Which one? Would you rather do 3 minutes of planks or run a half-mile?

I wouldn’t be able to physically do 3 minutes of planks, so I’d go for the half-mile run, preferably across country rather than road running.

Which one? Would your rather bite all your significant other’s toenails or shave your head?

My man has great feet. I wouldn’t have any problem biting his toenails off if it meant I could keep my hair!

Which one? Which can you do better, give oral sex or finger/hand-job?

Well it has been said that I do both equally as well. Personally I seem to get that final result with much more ease when I give a blow-job. With both I like to vary my technique – there is nothing more un-sexy than the same old routine. When giving a hand-job, like Nero’s wife the other night, sometimes I just use my my thumb and finger tips- concentrating on the knob. I have very long slim fingers which provide a sensual touch. At other times I use my whole hand. Sometimes both hands. When giving a blow-job I use my mouth, tongue, breasts and hands. My man says that my mouth was made for fucking…

Which one? Do you prefer to be on top or bottom, for missionary style sex?

Missionary intercourse has its place in a relationship but it is not common in mine. There are those times when I am so sleepy I think it would be nice if he would just roll on top of me and fuck me slowly and gently, but the chance of this occurring is rare. I don’t really consider me being on top as missionary as when I am on top I may be riding him, either way round, whilst he is sitting in a chair or on the sofa. There is a lot of touching and spanking that can go on in this position. Far better than just laying on my back.

Bonus: This week’s bonus question courtesy of Nero – “Have you ever masturbated to your own blog?”

When I read the sexual exploits from my blog – such as being tied up in the hayloft or belted on the beach – I feel invigorated and somewhat horny but I have never masturbated whilst reading it. My man got hard once when reading a particular post. I had to get down on my knees and finish him off.

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  1. I do not know how I missed this installment, but with some of the lascivious details about your marital bliss; in this version the TM in the TMI stands for Tell More in my book. Thank You.

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