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Which Witch

I  thought I would take a few of my own leg photos with my witches tights on.

The sun was out. I knew I could get a few shadow images but they are not quite what I’d hoped for. The main thing is I had fun taking them.

Then of course I remembered I am a witch even without those tights on. Well, I have done the tarot cards for many years – so the busty header shot was born 😉

And here are the which witch tight shots…

The last one is my favourite as I like how the lighting changes towards my ankles.

This was a very popular post of mine…

19 thoughts on “Which Witch”

  1. If you’re so inclined, I wouldn’t mind you sliding into my Masturbation Monday messages with this post/these images as a future prompt for MM. That witchy feel would be great for October when I try to do a Halloween theme all month. 🙂

  2. I like the second photo best, with your toes, feet and legs looking to curl around something and pull it in tight!

    Nice shots, all three. Thank you for them.

  3. I like how the lighting changes in the last one too. But mostly (and I hardly ever say something so direct in comments!) your breasts look so incredibly sexy in the header image. So. Incredibly. Sexy. ?

  4. I love these shots! Molly and I have discussed stripey tall socks in the past and I am definitely on Team Sexy Stripes with you two! This is a fun series of photos and I couldn’t choose which one I like best!

    1. ah thanks Violet – I bought them recently in a charity shop for my duaghter and she turned them down! Young people for ya! x

  5. I love that we have all got into the tarot recently, it doesn’t get enough air time! Your boob shots are great and captivating, but the leg shots are wowee – I might do something in answer to this, my hosiery is witch-y in a different way.

    I totally agree, the stairs one with the lighting getting stronger as your legs taper away is very intriguing.

    1. Ah thanks Elliott – just a few selfies – have saved one of the leg shots as I thought I was over doing it a little lol 😉

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