Celebrity Changes ~in more ways than one

Celebrity Changes ~in more ways than one

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity ~ Over the years the type of celebrity and the actual word meaning have both changed dramatically. They have evolved, or some may say devolved!

When I saw that this week’s prompt was celebrity I began to think of all kinds of things I could include in a post which had some kind of relevance to me and a celebrity. I am a sex blogger so I enjoy writing about myself and sex in general. But I am going talk about two fun situations when I had any close contact with a person who could be considered a celebrity.

Top of the Pops

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity
Wicked Wednesday Celebrity

The first one happened when I was 16 years old. I used to have access to most of the Top of The Pops (UK music show) rehearsals. It was a big pull for me and on more than one occasion I skipped school to attend. They were held on a weekday before the actual program aired. I was too young to have entry to the actual show, so for a teenage star-struck female it was a dream come true. I took advantage of this numerous times and met many pop stars and DJ’s; chatted to them and got their autographs. I was still quite naive sexually at that age and when I was once propositioned by a young and upcoming group to go back to their hotel I immediately made my excuses and left.

However, there was an occasion when a Scottish band which regularly made the charts appeared. I happened to have a massive crush on one of its members. By now some of my readers may have realised that I have a bit of a kink in general for Scottish men and maybe this is where it started. Anyway, whilst they were waiting to rehearse I chatted with him for quite a while. Of Course, pretending to be much older than I was. I waited behind when they had finished and mentioned I was going home. The band assumed I was working at the BBC. The guy I liked leaned forward to kiss me.  My heart began to thump when I felt his tongue intrude into my mouth and an arm go around my shoulder. I think I said something like “thank you,” and left feeling like I was walking on air.

Duran Duran

The second occasion was when I was in my early 20’s. A boyfriend of mine worked as in house sound engineer for a member of Duran Duran. One night we had dinner with him and his wife. After, we said goodnight and ended up shagging the night away in one of their guest rooms. Passing out drunk on the en-suite floor.

Over the years, the type of person we call a celebrity has altered out of all recognition. A few generations ago a person would need to be famed for singing, acting, dancing, comedy, sport or presenting of some kind – to be referred to as a celebrity. However, since the IT revolution, a celebrity now may be simply a person who puts out their own videos, sharing such things as make up tips. Or indeed someone without any talent from a reality TV show.

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity ~ Evolved or Devolved?

I began to discuss this with my man. He is a bit of a wordsmith and explained to me how the word celebrity had evolved.

If we look at the definition we are told it means a person who is famous or well known. We use this word as a noun:

“He / she is a celebrity”.

But looking back a century or so, this usage did not exist.  Back then we might have said:

“The actress is celebrated throughout London for her wit and charm”.

By Victorian times being celebrated had evolved further. Instead we would use the word celebrity as an adjective, to describe a person.

“Oscar Wilde enjoys a degree of celebrity on account of his colourful personality and writing.”

Time passed and by the 1950’s the word was commonly used as it is today – as a noun, the subject of the sentence.

It could be said that my view of celebrity has also evolved. No longer the awe struck teenager I  find it bizarre that many people express so much interest in the lives of celebrities.  From following on social media, to watching TV and videos about them. Personally I would far rather get tied up, spanked and fucked by my man. But maybe that’s just me.

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity
Me – Tied, Spanked and Fucked

The history of words is fascinating – and far more interesting than ramblings about my own contact with supposedly famous people.

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Wicked Wednesday celebrity
Wicked Wednesday Celebrity




10 thoughts on “Celebrity Changes ~in more ways than one

  1. I love words, so learning the background of the word celebrity, and how it has evolved was fascinating. As for your younger adventures, you are very lucky to have had those encounters… Awesome…

  2. I’m of the same generation to remember those halcyon days of TOTP – I would have killed to have gotten as close as you did to the stars! And as for kissing one…

  3. I find it fascinating how words change over time. As a kid I loved knowing everything I could about the celebrities I idolized, but as I have grown I have learned to care less. That is a lovely image by the way!

  4. So who were the Scottish band? You’re too young for The Bay City Rollers…

    And I’ve just used ‘Big large Brain’ in a comment on another person’s post so I guess that must be a Guy Thing.

    1. Yep too young for the rollers – there are not many Scottish Bands that had chart hits around that time. I would have happily said – but trust me there’s a reason why I didn’t 😉

  5. I absolutely love how words evolve over time, how new words are ‘discovered’ and old ones seem to disappear. Now I wonder if ‘spank’ is also a word that has evolved over time? 😉

    Rebel xox

  6. The history of words is indeed fascinating. I enjoyed your ‘look backs’. Love your photo, looks like the cover of a lurid romance novel, well done, now I’m going to look under the cover and read about you tied up, spanked and fucked, May.

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