wife imprisonment

Wife Imprisonment: She ain’t no Princess.

Being in this cage has certainly got me thinking. I’m a selfish bitch at times and don’t stop to wonder if the things I do will hurt my husband.

Don’t get me wrong, Digger is an absolute bastard for imprisoning me like this. Taking away my freedom because I shagged some geezer down the boozer. For slapping me about and locking me up as punishment.

But I ain’t no princess.

He stuck me in this cage instead of telling me to pack my bags and get the fuck out. He’s the one who puts bread on our table. Perhaps it’s only right I should repay him? Be a good wife and not answer him back or suck off the locals!

If I wasn’t so flawed, perhaps he wouldn’t be so beastly?

The one thing I do know is, we may rant about how the other behaves, but we’re both in this for the long term — for better or worse — cause that’s what love is all about.

Wife Imprisonment: She ain’t no Princess, is a stand-alone story, but also a spin-off to a series I wrote on this blog a few years ago called Bars: Woman in a Cage. I took it off Sex Matters as I felt it was in the wrong place. A taboo publisher picked it up, and then they folded 🙁 … When I got involved with Redemption Magazine, on Medium, I knew it was the perfect home for my short series. And indeed I was right. It has done very well there. If you like transgressive/dark erotica here is a link to the 1st episode, the rest then follow on from there – Read the first episode here…

However, you are only allowed to read 3 for free in a month, on Medium rules – but then if you pay just $5 a month you can read EVERYTHING on the platform. Clicking this link to join, helps support me and other writers you like.

Wife Imprisonment
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