There is a window from one heart to another

slow start naked

Don’t ask why,  but I was peeping. I was doing my job, gardening, when something drew me to the back window.

I swear I saw a light flash from the room and took it as a sign. That’s the truth, and there she was laid out on the bed, a bright lamp illuminating the scene before me.

Normally she verged on looking frumpy with a high necked blouse and calf length skirt. But today,  transformed by her nakedness, into the hottest babe I’d ever seen. I mean, alabaster skin  and with tits I had only ever dreamed about.  Her left hand teasing the nipple. The right was between her legs, under a book which obscured her pussy.

Unable to take my eyes away I reached inside my fly. My cock was alert, waiting. The familiar touch drew it out as it spasmed into my hand. At this moment she threw the book aside – prising her cunt lips open, simultaneously massaging her button.

I willed her to look my way, tapping the head of my dick.

Glistening with lust it’s single eye glared up at me.

Then I saw her glance over – a flicker of acknowledgement as she inserted two fingers into her sodden slit.

Our eyes now locked I could not hold back. Urgently, my hand went to work –  thumb stroking my knob as the digits squeezed the shaft.

Hungrily, her cunt sucked in her fingers.

Responding, my cock swelled with blood pulsing against the tightness of my hand.

Her mouth curved into a smile seducing my balls into action. I exhaled, eyes retreating behind their lids as my cock spat over my hand and trousers.

Looking up she wriggled onto her fingers moaning and fell back onto the bed.

In a trance I watched her become still not wanting to break the spell.

A minute passed. Then she got up and walked towards the window, meeting my gaze.

The echo of my heart, pounding with anticipation, filled my ears.

Placing one hand on the pane inline with my face, she closed the curtains with the other.

Read this from the mistress’s POV.

More of my own fiction can be found here.

Window – a sign – Friday Flash Fiction #29

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10 thoughts on “There is a window from one heart to another

  1. I love stories of people masturbating apart from each other but knowing they’re doing it together. But I also love how she closed the curtain without the suggestion of something more. Would love to know her perspective on this.

  2. I like this May – Lady Chatterley with a twist! I loved the idea of his cock ‘spitting’ his climax. I like that she definitely saw him and dismissed him when he’d served his purpose – power imbalance is sexy.

  3. Sounds like something my wife would do, if she could be bothered! 🙂
    But she can’t, she just reads her dirty books in private. And switches rooms if she thinks I’m getting too close.
    But it’s not about me, it’s about your story. Which is great – excellent writing and very hot!

  4. Oh my, she let him watch and then was ruthless at the end. I kind of like that though, makes her bold and fierce


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