Winning Streak ~ Flash Part Six

Winning Streak ~ Flash Part Six

Recap in a nutshell ~ Earlier Gen was in her underwear while her and two friends were playing truth or dare. Gen had a dare to play out – kiss the old man from across the road. Her friends didn’t expect him to answer the door but little did they know that he was Gen’s old headmaster Mr Roberts. She was invited in to meet a rather handsome grandson who had just finished his term in the marines. Out came the gin and the three of them decided to play cards.

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Winning Streak

It may have been the extremely strong G&T’s Mr Roberts had served or the fact that I was playing cards in my underwear. I am not sure why, but I was winning. After half an hour I had a few £5 notes stuffed down the left side of my bra and was on to my third double Tanqueray and tonic. The old guy seemed to think the tonic was the gin and vice versa as the spirit certainly out weighed the sweet stuff.

Was I complaining? No. This was the best party I’d crashed in a while.

All of a sudden Mr Roberts decided it was a strip card game and promptly removed his shirt. I was pleasantly surprised to note his chest was slender but slightly tanned and toned. When he saw me glance over he threw me a cheeky smile and as usual had a sparkle in his blue eyes.

As I lay down another winning hand I was hoping Jacob, who was already without a shirt, would remove his jeans. And I wasn’t disappointed. Standing, he jutted a hip to the left, undid a button on his fly. Threw his other hip to the right and another button flipped out of its hole. His jeans slipped down to his knees revealing rather fetching tartan boxers.

I didn’t worry for one moment that I would have to remove any of my lingerie as I knew I was on a winning streak. Victory was cruising through my veins. When suddenly I picked up the queen of spades. What the f***.

As we counted the scores Mr Roberts topped my drink up and at the same time pointed out it would be unfair of me not to follow the rules we’d all agreed. Although I didn’t remember a formal consultation about how the game was to played I had noticed the men had disrobed without argument. I was not a party pooper, or one to back away from a challenge. Come on. That is how I ended up over at Mr Roberts in the first place – a dare. So without hesitation I put my winnings on the table, then simultaneously pulled down the straps of my bra, snaking my hands round to undo the clasp – and the garment fell on my lap. My tits perky, just above the table edge.

I swear I saw Jacob lick his lips and a little drool escape from the corner of Mr Roberts mouth. And for a moment I wondered how many times this dynamic duo of grandfather and grandson had pulled other unsuspecting females off the street into their lair. But I reminded my self not to act the victim and was just downing my drink in one when suddenly the door bell rang…

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14 thoughts on “Winning Streak ~ Flash Part Six

  1. Oooh La La May! This story get’s the balance of saucy and fun just right. I can almost picture this.
    Marvellously alluring image, I particularly love the use of shadows.

  2. I wondered whether they would start stripping and glad I wasn’t disappointed. And now of course I wonder just how they are going to face her friends 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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