Working from Home ~ Short Story

Working from Home ~ Short Story

I adore my wife. She’s my lover and my best friend. I’m telling you straight, I got lucky when I met Debs.

But that was twenty five years ago. The kids have grown and left and now it’s just her and me. She still looks great. Debs has always kept herself fit. She owns a hair salon and puts in long hours. Being a programmer I’ve been  working from home for many years, which means I also cook dinner of an evening. Debs returns exhausted from being on her feet most of the day, and relaxes, with a glass of wine, while I prepare supper.

Well, I should say that was our lives. But recently things have changed. Let me explain.

Working from Home

When the lock-down came the government said her job was not an essential service. Well I disagree. What do they know anyhow? C’mon, every one loves having their hair cut and my Debs provides free counselling to most of her customers as she works. She never failed to come home with a story of how Mrs Smith or Jones came in with a frown and left with a smile. That sounds like an essential service to me.

Initially, when the salon closed she started working from home but only a few customers felt safe enough to leave their houses and come round. This meant that suddenly Debs had a lot of time on her hands. I was pleased as punch – she was able to catch up on her reading and chatted with her mates over Skype. But being around each other 24/7 was strange and I missed my eh… alone time.

When Debs had been working all week she had been too tired for much sexy action. However, come the weekend she usually made up for it, so I really had nothing to complain about. Particularly as I had the house to myself a lot and a lunchtime wank had become part of my routine. I’d make a bit of a snack and put a porn movie on whist I was eating. Often, one which involved some nubile slut being tied up and used. By the time I’d eaten a sandwich my cock was straining for release in more ways than one. I’d nip upstairs, shed my trousers, lay down on the bed and stroke myself into submission.

Then I’d make some coffee and return to my desk.

With Debs at home all day that had to stop. I began to feel frustrated. My balls blue! We have an open bathroom policy so I couldn’t even pop in there for a swift shower.

I could tell Debs was getting bored of the great indoors. She started going off for a walk late morning. Not something she’d ever done before at weekends. About two weeks ago she popped her head around my office door and said she was off for a quick stroll. It had been quite a few days since we’d had sex so I left it a good ten minutes but made use of the time by putting one of the porn films on the screen. Watching some guy ram his dick into a cute chick’s arse was just what I needed. Beginning to unzip I took the stairs two at a time and without stopping flung the bedroom door open wide, cock already in hand.

Let me say I was unprepared for the scene that met my eyes. Debs was crouched on the bed surrounded by an array of sex toys. I could see a purple butt plug slightly protruding from her arse, a dildo shoved in her cunt, while she whizzed the tip of a vibrating toy over her clit.

I stopped in my tracks still holding my dick, mouth open, eyes wide. Debs clicked stop on the vibrator startled and met my gaze stuttering,

“I thought you were working.”

I replied, “and what happened to your walk?”

“Well, it was a ruse. So you wouldn’t know what I was up to.” She blushed.

“Are you telling me – going for a walk – is code-speak for – I’m going to fuck my arse with a dildo?”

I began to laugh. Almost a giggle at first escalating into a throaty chuckle that literally left me shaking with tears streaming down my eyes. I slumped onto the floor finally letting go of my dick – which had retreated back inside the split of the boxer shorts. I lay on my back in fits of laughter unable to speak.

“Ron… Ron.” Debs shouted at me, starting to smile herself. “Why were your flies undone?”

I began to breath deeply and slowly the laughter subsided. Debs was now laid out on the bed so I went and sat on the edge and looked down at her. Blouse open revealing a black lacy bra, her cleavage spilling over the top and naked from the waste down.

“I asked you a question Ron?”

“Well lets just say great minds think alike.” I said undressing. “Now how about we play with this vibrator together.”

Within moments I was kneeling above her head. She turned her mouth to gobble my cock while I switched on the vibrator and pulsed it over her cunt lips. Soon her hips were gyrating, pushing her slit onto the toy while with my other hand I held the back of her head, pumping her face with abandon.

When we had both climaxed -Debs twice and me in her mouth- we collapsed, spent, on the bed and began to giggle again. It turned out that with so much time on her hands Debs felt much hornier than usual. She’d sent off for some sex products blissfully unaware that it was standard practice for me to have a daily wank.

From that day on most lunchtimes have been spent exploring Deb’s new fascination with sex-toys and sex in general.

Did I already say I’m a lucky man?


May More wrote – Working from Home.

This is a sponsored post.


working from home
#411 Great minds think alike…

14 thoughts on “Working from Home ~ Short Story

  1. Your lockdown is more fun than mine. The first half is pretty much me to a tee, but after that… not so much! 🙂

  2. You set stories up so nicely in their introduction and how they slowly proceed. It sketches the world, it makes it believable and helps with the characterisation of the characters. And I love the dialogue in this one, made me chuckle.

  3. Oh May, this made me smile! It made me think of those couples who now (sadly) are experiencing relationships problems due to the lockdown, but also about the news today that sex toy sales are souring. Love this!

    Rebel xox

  4. I totally agree that hairdressing is an essential service, (she says pulling at the rats tails that pass for a hairdo 6 weeks after her last visit to the salon) . Oh and I enjoyed the story too!

  5. What a fabulous story! I recognised Nikki’s pic straight away, and I recognise the frustration of not having some alone time in the current lock-down. Your couple came up with the perfect solution – hurrah for more of this!

      1. Yeah – privacy would be my stumbling block! But having my precious ones around me feels the right thing just now. (trumps sex!)

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