Wounded Knee Part One ~ Lean on me

Wounded Knee Part One ~ Lean on me

They say accidents happen. And yes when you are a little bit uncoordinated and free spirited like me – they literally do happen. But after the last one left me questioning if I would return to 100 per cent mobility I am a little bit more mindful when it comes to my physicality.

So let me tell you the story.

Lean On Me

Back in 2016 my man and I were in the throws of love. Amazingly after two years we sere still experiencing that new energy that comes from being in lust rather than the long term caring type of love. I was living a kind of dream. I was with the man I’d always wanted and older now but looking good and fit as I could be. My kids seemed to be doing well. I was counting my chickens. Even if at the time they must have been Cretan ones as at that time we were on the island of Crete enjoying an amazing holiday.

One night we decided to have a date-night in our apartment. It began by us sharing some really filthy fantasies. I felt blessed I could talk about my dodgy imagination openly. Then there was some spirited spanking and cock sucking. We had also shared a bottle of wine but I can assure you for me a few glasses of wine doesn’t have much effect on my cognition. However, it is possible we were both a little high with endorphins when we decided to pop into town for a cocktail – via the beach. Now, that was our mistake. The apartment was actually on the beach – the patio was literally over the ocean. At night the sound of the waves crashing onto to the shore filled the air. It was an incredible place.

Anyway, did I ever mention that I’m colorblind? Well I am for purples and browns. I also have NO night vision. At that point my man had not quite got used to that idea and so when we decided to go via the beach neither of us thought to take a torch. Not only that, when we came to the stone steps around the comer of our apartment – the ones we used in daylight – that were about ten feet of the ground with some shattered edges, he just skipped down them as agile as a mountain goat.

What could go wrong I thought. I will follow him. The fact that I couldn’t see didn’t seem to have a baring on my decision. If he could shimmie down those steps I could too. I made it to the second one then I started falling down to the stony beach below.

Now that is quite a long way to fall. Many things went through my mind in those seconds. For a moment I thought I may be about to die. My landing would surely be on the jagged rocks and stones directly under the stairs. But then in mid fall Jesus must have been with me. Somehow, through the darkness, I spied the brightly coloured shirt of my man and managed to twist my body slightly to fall on top of him. We both crashed on to the stones but he provided a cushion for me, breaking my fall slightly.

As we lay on the beach it felt wonderful to realise I had not hit my head on a rock and I instinctively knew I hadn’t broken skin or even bones but there was something dreadfully wrong with my right leg. I was in agony.

To be honest I was quite content laying there and putting off the inevitable but my man felt we needed to get up and head into town as planned. Attempting to ignore the pain I agreed. Both of us were in shock I think.

Pulling me to my feet I stood on my left leg and used him as a crutch. So far so good. But then I moved my right leg forward, to walk, and it simply gave way. Buckled beneath me, literally folded as if the joint had disappeared. I ended up in a heap on the ground.

Ahh. The cocktail would have to wait. Returning via the steps was an impossibility. Using my man to lean on was not an option as my right leg was completely useless. We could have probably managed with him and a stick but we were not thinking straight. However, there was a slope which would take us back to our ground floor apartment. But I would have to shuffle up on my bottom, backwards.

This took a lot of time. Finally, we got into the apartment. Surveying my knee we knew this was a bad injury of some sort. It had already began to balloon into a football so we wrapped it in a towel filled with ice and tried to sleep.

I will never forget that night. The pain was excruciating and something told me my life was going to be on hold for quite a little while. That my independence would no longer be possible. I  would literally and metaphorically need to lean on my man.

And you know what? – I was not wrong.

Part Two is done!



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Physical Health ~ Lean on me
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Co-dependency – Lean on me
Feb Photo Fest Day 27 ~ Thowback Thursday

My Day 27 image is my header shot – I thought it worked well for the post seeing as I had my accident on a beach. I used this shot the first time here – using a different edit.

PhotoFest Mention ~ Some gorgeous images here.

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Day 27 Lean on me


18 thoughts on “Wounded Knee Part One ~ Lean on me

  1. What a nasty injury to pick up, but a great holiday story to tell. And the image I have of you blindly skipping down the steps as you follow your love…

    I’m looking forward to part 2. N x

  2. Fascinating post May – I remember at Eroticon, you were still quite ‘protective’ of your knee on the snowy streets. I enjoyed part 2 of the ‘wounded knee’ story too.

  3. Glad your knee has recovered. With that wonderful picture I’m beginning to dream about visiting a beach with my Queen (deserted of course), stripping down and just enjoying the sun with her.

  4. Oh gosh! I am glad that nothing worse happened! I am sorry to hear that the fall impacted your mobility though and I can’t imagine the level of pain you must have felt. That is a fantastic picture by the way!

      1. chondromalacia patellae, also known as runner’s knees. Though I don’t run. I take glucosamine chondroitin with msm I think it ‘s called. It does help.Stairs are scary because sometimes my knee will give out.

  5. Ouch !!! Knees are horrid when they pack up (I have a dispensation from my domme not to kneel for very long because she’d need to call an ambulance, or fire brigade, to get me back up again).

    Obviously we know you’re okay now, though I hope it doesn’t still give you trouble.

    The real crime here is missing out on the cocktail ??

  6. Oh, May. I’m so glad you didn’t hit your head and that you had your man to lean on, you always will. I guess you didn’t have matches to light a torch, should have taken a flashlight. 🙂

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