Yesterday’s Knickers

Yesterday’s Knickers

A playful Short for you ~ 200 Word Flash Fiction ~ Yesterday’s Knickers.

She doesn’t know.

I don’t want her to find out about my amour so I always put them back when I’ve finished.ย  Can’t say it’s something I can talk about with friends either. They’d just taunt me. But I do love cunt. The point is I adore the smell of my wife’s pussy so much. One of the reasons I do it.

She leaves for work as I’m getting up. I head for the dirty washing basket and there they’ll be – yesterday’s knickers. First I inhale her musty, slightly sweet perfume. Occasionally they’re still warm. Recently discarded.

Putting them on I admire my reflection in the mirror. At this point my knob usually swells, just a little, knowing the silk material was recently kissing her flesh and is now caressing mine.

Then on with my trousers, the remainder of my clothes and I’m off to work.

Every time I need a piss I use the urinals. It excites me to think someone may see my balls supported by lacy panties.

The best bit is when I’m working, looking out around the courtroom,

โ€œMembers of the jury, have you reached a verdict?”

Would they condemn me if they knew?

yesterday's knickers

Inspired by

yesterday's knickers
200 Word Flash #33 ~ Amour
yesterday's knickers
#339 Playful Short ~ Yesterday’s Knickers

Header photo used with kind permission – A Guy in Panties.

It is known I love men in panties )

13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Knickers

  1. This was beautifully done May – very sexy with a short wordcount. Shows great insight into the kink of a guy wearing ladies’ u/wear. Lovely pictures from Mark to accompany it.

    I’m WITH you in finding this an attractive look!

  2. mmm I like this! It’s tender and sexy and hot as fuck, all at the same time. And the little twist… yes!

    Rebel xox

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